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PokerStars.Net APPT Melbourne Day 2 – We Have A New Chip Leader!

PokerStars.Net APPT Melbourne Day 2 – We Have A New Chip Leader!

Saturday saw the second Day get into full swing, with the 167 players who had survived Day 1 returning to the felt at the 2012 Asia Pacific Poker Tour Main Event in Melbourne. By the end of the day though, only 44 players had managed to negotiate their way to Day 3, with Wayne Bentley the new chip leader.

What is even more significant is that the winner of this event last year is currently sitting in second place on the leader board. Leo Boxell would become the first player ever to win back to back titles of the same APPT event if he managed to win this one.

Who Hit The Rail?

The day began with many well known poker faces still involved in the event, yet not all of them managed to make it through to Day 3. Of the more notable losses were WSOP bracelet holder Andrew Hinrichsen, Jay Kinkade, Julien Cohen, Jai Kemp, Celina Lin and James Broom.

Those who made it through will feel that they now have a good chance of pushing on and improving their payday’s. Players making it to Day 3 were Sam Razavi, Team PokerStars Pro Roy Bhasin, James Bills, Gary Benson, and Jared Graham.

Tight At The Top!

The chip leader changed constantly throughout Day 2, which was mainly between five players. Tom Grigg, Boxell, Bentley, Michael Kanaan and Haibo Chu had all been in the top spot at one time or another. It is starting to look more and more likely that it will be one of these five to win the title.

The exception of the five would be Grigg though, though he was chip leader at one point he really had a day to forget and is now sat holding just 77,000. He lost most of his chips in possibly the biggest hand of the day.

On the very last level of play he actually had a stack of 400,000; however he was in a hand against James Bills and lost a hefty amount. Bills threw in a bet of 81,000 into a pot already containing 60k on the turn of a board containing Jd-4c-10h-6d, Grigg thought about it before making the call holding the A-10. Bills held pocket Kings leaving Grigg needing an ace or ten on the river…which never came.

The Current Top Chip Counts:

Wayne Bentley 450,000

Leo Boxell 400,000

Brendon Rubie 314,500

Michael Kanaan 311,000

Dale Marsland 294,000

Benn Skender 285,500

Sam Razavi 283,500

Ted Nguyen 279,000

Ashley Warner 2780,000

The tournament continues on Sunday where the players will be whittled down to that final table for Monday.




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