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Another tournament event is close to completion, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour 2012 Main Event in Melbourne is now down to that final table. The chip leader by the end of Day 3 was Tom Grigg, though he still has plenty of work to do to beat off players such as Brenden Rubin and Sam Ravazi.

Day 3 started out with 44 players who had managed to survive both Day 1 and Day 2, though by the end of play that number was reduced to just nine final table players. In fact 10 had already been eliminated with the first hour, with Wayne Bentley being the main guy knocking them out.

Bentley even managed to hold the chip lead at one point. One of the players he didn’t actually eliminate was Grant Levy; he was eliminated by Punjabi instead. He had a KC-QH up against the AS-9Hof Keith Walker, however neither of them could compete with the flopped full house of Punjabi and they were both eliminated.

Hachem Looked To Be Improving…But Was Eliminated!

Tony Hachem had been having a pretty average tournament thus far and was starting to become a short stack, yet all of a sudden his fortunes started to turn…temporarily. He managed to double up through PokerStars Team Pro Roy Bhasin only to then go and pick the wrong time to run into James Bills pocket rockets and off home he went.

With that ominous bubble approaching many players naturally backed off, however Brendon Rubie certainly didn’t, he went on a bit of a rampage. The former side event winner at the Aussie Millions managed to actually double during the bubbler phase and with it put himself in huge contention.

Lee Boxall at the start of the day looked like he could in fact be the first ever back to back winner of this event, though he didn’t manage to get to that illustrious final table. He lost a huge chunk of his chips when was unfortunate to run into pocket aces when he was holding pocket queens, he didn’t last much longer after that as he was short stacked, he eventually finished in 19th place taking home $12,080 in the process.

Table Positions And Chip Stacks For The Final Table:

1 Wayne Bentley 610,000

2 Brendon Rubie 1,002,000

3 Kristian Lunardi 352,000

4 James Bills 322,000

5 Nigel Andrews 138,000

6 Tom Grigg 2,271,000

7 Gary Benson 631,000

8 Sam Razavi 1,318,000

9 Keith Walker 1,048,000


As soon as we have any news regarding that final days play we will let you know straight away, the winner, the losers and everybody in between.


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