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PokerStars Opens Up New Tables With 5 Card Omaha

shutterstock_19312900Nothing is impossible as the wild odds and shimmering bad beats of Omaha have been overtaken in the suck outs charts as PokerStars releases a 5-card variant that is nothing less than bewildering.

Step aside Omaha as Big “O” and Courchevel hit the virtual poker tables of PokerStars this week. Omaha action junkies are certain to be in awe of this game that offers a 5 hole card hand that dishes out extended odds and smashes Omaha’s reputation for being the top of the hard hitting poker styles.

Courchevel is another variant of Big “O” with the only part of the game that changes being that the first flop card out of 3 is already placed on the board.

Big “O” is commonly played with a maximum of 8 players at the table, but this can be pushed to 9 players with 45 cards being dealt out of the pack, but this leaves only 2 burn cards and 5 cards to lay out onto the board hence the 8 player maximum limit, but for arguments sake, PokerStars will only be introducing 6-max tables. On Omaha 6-max tables each players 4 hole cards effectively makes 6 Hold’em hands giving the table 36 different hands to connect with the flop. However, Big “O” and Courchevel’s 5 hole card hands outweigh these figures by far.

Imagine a 6-max player with all seats full with each player’s 5 card hand making what is 10 Hold’em hole card hands giving the table 60 prospective could be hands to bet at the pot meaning action is guaranteed.

The rules of both the variations are exactly the same in that players can only use two of their cards to connect with the flop, turn and river. The betting system also follows the same structure as Omaha and Texas Hold’em with the small blind and big blind being paid up, but neither of these styles, thank god, will be available at no Limit, so players can be spared at least some of their chip stacks as both will be launched on Pot Limit and Fixed Limit tables.

There will be a mixture of ways to play both these games as they will make up for what is five different variants as Big “O” and Courchevel will both be released using regular play and hi/lo play.

Recently, Full Tilt has also extended its poker variations now also introducing 5 Card Stud and Irish Poker.

For now, within the next 2 days, expect a mass of players to be online for the two new styles with the Omaha tables most likely slightly down on their usual numbers. Big “O” and Courchevel will both be available at $0.10/$0.25 tables going up to high stakes tables with $200/$400 on the Pot Limit tables and from $1.00/$2.00 to $1000/$2000 on the fixed limit tables. It is probably advisable to begin with this new game on the fixed limit tables to work out the odds before getting into the riskier Pot Limit games.

If this game picks up, we can soon expect to see WSOP introduce yet another popular game to its mass variety of tournament styles.


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