PokerStars players split top prize in Sunday Warm-Up

American dollars

It is customary for poker players to discuss the possibility of reaching an agreement when three handed play begins in major tournaments and such deals were made even earlier this weekend. The five most successful Sunday Warm-Up players decided to split the money based on their chip stack at the moment, with the winner to compete for the additional $20,000.

6,332 players bought in and 810 finished in the money, receiving a slice of the $1,266,400 prize pool, with the nine finalists scooping half of that amount. When the final table began, TroopTroop1 from Germany and Dutchpower99 from the Netherlands were the only ones to have more than 10 million chips to their name. Both of them made a deep run and were among the players to agree on the terms of the deal, and collect an amount in excess of $100,000.

There were a couple of poker professionals who bought in for the Sunday Warm-Up too, with Fatima Moreira de Melo and Andre Akkari making the deepest runs. Fatima was eliminated in the 171st place, while Andre survived for a few hours more. In the end, his final placement was 100 places higher than Fatima’s and he let his fans know about his performance on Twitter:


AL.PATSINO from Greece was the big disappointment of the final table, as he started with the third-largest stack only to be the first one sent to the rail. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have buckguy2200 from Mexico who doubled his final table starting stack and was guaranteed $150,000 when the five handed deal was reached. He ended up winning the tournament to increase his payouts to $170k:

  1. buckguy2200 – $170,579
  2. Kovalski1 – $97,515
  3. Dutchpower99 – $103,072
  4. TroopTroop1 – $115,061
  5. KIngAntsi – $89,036
  6. jasonbarton – $41,158
  7. BigBossman1 – $28,494
  8. Zlushchiy – $15,830
  9. AL.PATSINO – $10,131