PokerStars Q & A With Lex Veldhuis

Q & A

After a busy week of question and answer sessions with the likes of Alex Millar, Randy Lew, Mickey Petersen and Ike Haxton, yesterday saw the final one with PokerStars Team Pro Lex Veldhuis being the latest in the firing line.

He along with the other members of PokerStars Team Online having been doing the sessions as part of Team Pro Online Week at PokerStars. That week will come to a head this weekend with the Team Pro Online Bounty tournament that gives players the chance at claiming $250 bounties for eliminating members of PokerStars Team Online.

This event can be played by simply buying in or through winning a ticket from a number of promotions that have been taking place throughout the week. In fact, by simply asking a question to the players taking part in the Q & A could have won you a free ticket if it was selected as the best.

This time around, players and fans literally just had to tweet a question using the hashtag #AskLex and he would strive to answer all of the questions posed to him.

He like the others had a fair share to answer too with many asking him advice on poker, others asking him about how he himself started out in poker and whether he would shave his head for a 5% improvement in his poker.

The best have been selected and shared for your viewing here but if you want to check out all of the rest, simply head over to the PokerStars Twitter account.