PokerStars Releases Poker Software to US Market


shutterstock_19312900The biggest poker room in the world has just given US players a way that they can get piece of the website’s huge variety of poker styles and flexible game play through an iOS and Android App.

Just recently the US version of PokerStars is now being touted on giving US players the chance to build up a mass of chips to claim their own bragging rights as one of the best in poker once again. The site offers PokerStars software as a ‘play for free site’. Skilled players can amass millions of play chips and make their way onto the higher stakes tables where the play gets serious. So much so, in fact the top games can play out 1 million chip blinds with players playing as seriously as they would on a mid-stakes table in the live online cash games.

This is also a positive move by PokerStars to capture the US poker market in light of recent legal events surrounding the positive move to reinstate online poker for real cash in the US sometime in the near future. The State of Nevada has already been granted permission to host real money poker sites and distribute the service via the internet links in the country to other states that wish to allow their citizens to play poker online for money. Once the network is fully operational, this will spark the beginning of what could be a full recovery to live cash poker play online in the country and PokerStars will provide new online play money software to the already gaining loyal customers.

All the usual poker styles and games will be available on the new play money site, so players will get the look and feel they had before. Players will be able to get involved in Rush Poker, Omaha, Hold’em and a host of other action on demand, including tournament play where the buy-ins into different stakes improve the quality of the players in the tournaments and add quality to the play and strategy, as players father enough chips to get into the high stakes events. The aim is to get through the donkeys and into the bigger games, so players still have to manage their bankrolls sensibly and come up with a winning strategy. This way they can gain bragging rights as the man or woman with the most chips on the site.

So far the app has been available for iOS and on Android devices since the 4th of April and it is being solely directed at the US market. Facebook was already part of its test launch when PokerStars released it on the social networking site, where it quickly grew in popularity giving the poker site the confidence they needed to go full steam ahead with the provision of a countrywide downloadable app.