PokerStars Reveal New Team Online Katerina Malasidou

Katerina Malasidou

PokerStars yesterday revealed their latest PokerStars Team Online Pro to be Katerina Malasidou, the girlfriend of popular PokerStars Team Pro Andre Coimbra. She was initially introduced to the game by him and over the years has become a very good player herself. Good enough to be selected by PokerStars anyway.

PokerStarsBlog gave her a quick interview after they had revealed her, asking her a number of questions about the likes of her poker, her boyfriend, her previous career and where she sees herself in five years time.

First she explained her delight at the sort of backing she has been given since the news broke that she was to be represented by the site.

“I have to admit that before the official announcement, I was a bit nervous about how the news would be received by the poker community. But as it turned out I had no reason to worry. I’ve been receiving a lot of congratulatory messages and a positive vibe overall!”

On her boyfriend Andre Coimbra she was asked how they work together to improve each others games and she replied.

“We’ve tried a bunch of different stuff. Coaching, going through my hand histories, going through his hand histories, working on spreadsheets together, or simply discussing about a hand that one of us wasn’t sure how to play. We can both be opinionated, and since he’s a more experienced player than I am, most of the times, he’s right. But then there are some times where we’ll have an argument, we’ll pull up an ICM calculator, and I’ll be right. Ah, precious moments of glory!”

One question that Malasidou was asked by PokerStarsBlog was where players will likely find her on the site regarding tables and stakes and this is what she had to say.

“My main goal is to keep working on my game and improve so that I can move to higher stakes at some point. You will find me mostly at the hyper-turbo SNGs, mid-stakes tables (these days I play from $18-$74), and occasionally at an MTT like the Women’s Sunday, the VIP Freerolls or the Sunday Million.”

Those are just a few of the questions she faced but to get the rest you will have to read the article in full over at PokerStarsBlog. You can also keep track of Katerina through social media on her Twitter and FaceBook accounts.