PokerStars Rewards Players With Sickest Poker Set-Ups!


shutterstock_110739995The Internet forever changed Texas hold ‘em and online poker now demands high-tech technology in addition to skill, patience and a sizable bankroll. Poker professionals and regular players who hope to make it in this highly competitive environment, need to accept the fact that an initial investment is required. Back in the day, all you needed was a computer with Internet connection and you could start clawing your way up to the top. Nowadays, poker players have some quite amazing set-ups to meet their multi-tabling requirements and for the untrained eye they might pass as professional videogame players.

Not everyone has the resources to acquire the latest technology, but for poker pros such as Team Online’s Randy Lew such a set-up is a must have. At the end of the day it’s all about the return on investment and when you are playing on several tables at once, you need big dual monitors, a set of accessories and a soothing environment. The rules for setting all of this up are not written in stone and that’s why poker players chose to decorate their working rooms in various ways. PokerStars is ready to take a look at their ideas and even reward the ones who came up with the sickest’ poker setups.

Most poker players have embraced the concept of multi-tabling and this explains why the larger the monitor, the better it is. PokerStars will reward anyone who can prove that his or her poker setup is the sickest one around, and at least in theory even a more conventional approach could work. Players are given total freedom in arranging their poker environment because after all, this is the place where their poker careers make daily advances.

In order to enter the competition and compete for one of the 10 prizes that are worth 50,000 Frequent Player Points each, players only need to take a photo of their poker setup. This is supposed to be uploaded on Instagram using the #starssickestsetup hashtag, next to their photo and PokerStars ID. Afterwards, Team Online members and PokerStars players will cast their votes, the best 10 setups with be awarded a prize, with the deadline being the conclusion of the 1 million Sunday Storm Second anniversary tournament.

This should be a win-win situation for players who don’t have such a poker setup as yet, as PokerStars will provide them with the incentive to get one right away. There is no better way to enjoy a generous return on investment than by collecting one of the 10 prizes, so regular players and grinders like shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity!