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PokerStars Short Film about “shaniac” (vid)

cine filmAt first everyone called him “shaniac”, but after time it was obvious there was more behind a screen name that meets the eye, and so Shane Schleger came to light, and PokerStars have released another short piece of film to tell his story as they do with so  many of their stars.

Schleger is now at the centre of attention of the latest release and he has a great story to tell. Schleger has often written posts on PokerStars and has no problems in doing so, but when it comes to film, he admits he was nervous when the actual filming came around. As with many writers, it is easy to control how you feel when you are writing the words, but Schleger felt when it comes to a short documentary, can a film have the same effect as writing where you have the ability to use expressive words and re-edit your own text to really get the point  across.

Despite his fears when the PokerStars film crew came to his home in Mexico, his mind was put to rest. Putting across his life on film in just 8 short minutes was something that worried the PokerStars pro, but with Ryan Firpo and his team turning up to his door reassuring him that the experts were at work it soon became clear that these guys had an excellent knowledge of film and how to use film to express Schleger’s life story in not words, but on the live screen. Ryan in fact managed to solve Schleger’s feelings towards the film Django Unchained, and why he didn’t like certain aspects of the film putting him at ease when he realised that Ryan knew his stuff.

After an evening of planning the script, and how the shoot would unravel. PSTO films are something that Schleger has always enjoyed and being a part of, one of Ryan’s productions, and the finish product didn’t disappoint. Not only was the promotional side of the video well presented, it also mixed in the life story giving both purposes meaning.

The film isn’t a full story of Schleger’s life, but some of the more hurtful times of his life were brought up rather than the happier times. Schleger is happy that the film has captured the reasons he has got into poker, after being like many other 20 year teenagers lost in the Big Apple. How poker was an uphill climb with wins and losses, along the way inside and outside of poker, including the story that led to his eventual career which led him to leaving the US due to new legislation affecting his online poker gaming. The story in fact leads right up to his current life situation.

All that in 8 minutes, and quite rightly Schleger is a little nervous how in such a short time the most important aspects of his life have been crammed in, but the story is real and is a true reflection of how he feels and has lived his life.

Check it out below:

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