PokerStars Sunday – All The Action


You would be forgiven for thinking that perhaps the Christmas and New Year period would show a decrease in the player pools for some of the weekend’s biggest events over at PokerStars but yet again the opposite has happened. Both events smashed the respective prize pools and brought the usual high octane action that we have come to expect from each of them.

We will be taking a look at the two biggest in the PokerStars Warm-Up and of course the PokerStars Sunday Million in which many more players were well rewarded for taking part.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up again brought the masses in who were willing to take the chance at winning a slice of the guaranteed $500k prize pool, yet when it started there were actually 3,601 players that had in fact created a prize pool of $720,000 to be shared out among the top 540 places.

Come the end of the event there was a former winner in “tnapoleao” playing heads up against “vrangen” but he could not quite manage to take down his second PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and had to be content with the $84,263.40 second place prize. “vrangen” on the other hand took down his first title and a score of $113,072.57 for his efforts.

How it Finished

1st) vrangen – $113,072.57

2nd) tnapoleao – $84,263.40

3rd) smashen – $59,416.50

4th) ChippinUp-24 – $41,411.50

5th) heißtercamp – $30,608.50

6th) AssDuive – $23,406.50

7th) kterroristen – $16,204.50

8th) xeon99 – $9,002.50

9th) Gameslave – $5,761.60

PokerStars Sunday Million

In the PokerStars Sunday Million however, there was a double winner as “WhatArunAA” carved his way through a final table that included the likes of Chris “NigDawG” Brammer to take home his second title. He took home $208,272.90 after a two way chop between him and runner up Nicasio “NICA-TUCAMAN” Toranzo who banked $190,294.91 for his runner up spot.

In total there were 8,751 players that took part in online poker’s biggest weekly tournament bringing a prize pool of $1,750,200 that shattered the $1 million guarantee. 1,260 of those players went home with a share but it will be the winner “WhatArunAA” that will obviously be the happiest of them all.

How it Finished

1st) T.J. “WhatArunAA” Slifka – $208,372.90 (d)

2nd) Nicasio “NICA-TUCUMAN” Toranzo – $190,294.91 (d)

3rd) PocketGrizly – $178,202.79*

4th) pleasepick – $87,510.00

5th) Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer – $70,008.00

6th) enghave222 – $52,506.00

7th) Monkey-K1ng – $35,004.00

8th) bostero27 – $19,252.20

9th) davjon – $13,564.05