PokerStars Sunday – Big Action, Big Winners


The poker worlds eyes were once again cast over the Sunday schedule at PokerStars yesterday as the two largest of the scheduled events again brought big drama and big winners. The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million again expectedly broke the prize pool guarantees and saw super large fields of online players battle it out for some mega bucks.

Take a look at how each of them played out:

The Sunday Warm-Up

The first of the two events was the $500k guaranteed PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up which saw another large field of 3,706 players sign up and swap hands with the buy-in in order to try and scoop a major weekend score. This meant that the guarantee was beaten by a significant amount as the calculations revealed that the top 540 players would share $741,000.

The player that took home the largest share was “pvas2” after a late run saw him power past the final table and scoop the first place payout of $116,369.57. There was no final table deal this time around and we are pretty sure he will be happy with that decision after coming out on top against “PhilRoyal888” when the two were heads up.

“pvas2” had a massive chip lead at the start of that session with 34.3 million chips compared to his opponents 2.7 million and he did not take long to seal the deal. The final hand saw the chips pushed into the middle with “PhilRoyal888” holding the 7c-9c and “pvas2” the Js-5c. The board fell as the Jh-3d-4s-Jd-As and we had the latest Warm-Up champion.

How It Finished

1st) pvas2 – $116,369.57

2nd) PhilRoyal888 – $86,720.40

3rd) tormos – $61,149.00

4th) tummen6 – $42,619.00

5th) George “gkap13″ Kapalas – $31,501.00

6th) armenioz – $24,089.00

7th) DidzeR – $16,677.00

8th) IsraMazeltov – $9,265.00

9th) KaptianKush – $5,929.60

The Sunday Million

Next it was the event that most top class online poker players look for on a weekly basis. The PokerStars Sunday Million on this occasion brought in a staggering 8,072 players which easily beat down the guarantee of $1 million as those entries created a true prize pool of $1,614,400 to be paid out to the top 1,170 finishers.

This time there was a deal on the final table as five players agreed to a chop. This guaranteed each of them at least $124k and ended with Guilherme “VinceVegaMFR” Cheveau taking what was left of the prize pool after his win netted him $161,879.69.

He had to beat “olligergely” heads up to claim the title and did just that when the flop, turn and river had brought down the 10s-3h-3c-6d-7d. This led to the chips going into the middle as “VinceVegaMFR” had the 10h-3d and his opponent the Jc-10c. There was no contest as “VinceVegaMFR” had flopped the full house and he walked away with the title.

How It Finished

1st) Guilherme “VinceVegaMFR” Cheveau — $161,879.69 (d)

2nd) olligergely — $141,658.67 (d)

3rd) Ipl4yNuts — $129,292.70 (d)

4th) Lena900 — $129,669.18 (d)

5th) baeks22 — $124,269.57 (d)

6th) marvinnamazi — $48,432.00

7th) rdzyrdza — $32,288.00

8th) Fand0r1n — $18,565.60

9th) chavalaro11 — $12,511.60