PokerStars Sunday Events – More Big Weekend Winners


Yesterday was that time of the week again that all online grinders love, Sundays equate to a jam-packed tournament schedule over at PokerStars giving players with bankrolls of all sizes many great chances at increasing them.

We will concentrate on the two biggest in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and PokerStars Sunday Million, which is where the life changing payouts are delivered. Take a look at our brief report on the two events below.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

The first of the two major Sunday events over at PokerStars was the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up with it bringing in yet another huge field of 3,278 players. That number was always going to beat the prize pool guarantee placed on the event of $500k and it did as the true figure was quickly revealed at $655,600 being shared among the best 495 finishers.

However the big money as you will know really starts to take effect on the final table and here are those players luckily enough to establish themselves on it.

The Final Table

St1) LeoGef – 2,946,831

St2) Emilohlsson – 4,113,412

St3) Da_Tweeka459 – 4,303,445

St4) H.Oussalé – 1,973,522

St5) vladxxxro – 1,302,946

St6) OverTheTop43 – 7,283,408

St7) SONGJOY – 4,390,242

St8) Simon “ministerborg” Ravnsbaek – 4,670,194

St9) ado06 – 1,796,000

OverTheTop43” was the player in control at the start of the final table but as can always happen in poker, it was one of the short stacks that started that table that went on to win the title as “H.Oussalé” was awarded $102,930.19 for beating “ministerborg” after a heads up session that swung both ways.

How It Finished

1st) H.Oussalé – $102,930.19

2nd) Simon “ministerborg” Ravnsbaek – $76,705.20

3rd) OverTheTop43 – $54,087.00

4th) ado06 – $37,697.00

5th) SONGJOY – $27,863.00

6th) vladxxxro – $21,307.00

7th) Emilohlsson – $14,751.00

8th) LeoGef – $8,195.00

9th) Da_Tweeka459 – $5,244.80

PokerStars Sunday Million

The PokerStars Sunday Million is the largest weekly event held online and is what many players look forward to each and every week. This once again proved immensely popular as the event brought in 7,499 players which added just shy of $500k on top of the $1 million prize pool guarantee to bring a total of $1,499,800 to be split among the top 1,080 places.

Only nine of those players would occupy the final table and have a shot at the real big money in the event and it was “kongolainen” that would start with the chip lead after bagging up a staggering 18,801,366 chips.

The Final Table

St1) reikr – 7,745,442

St2) mentalpshyco – 5,309,860

St3) 3aDRoTiShe – 4,298,766

St4) Epakfailer – 12,982,190

St5) akport – 7,905,040

St6) sontilou – 4,560,088

St7) fozzybear13 – 3,497,043

St8) kongolainen – 18,801,366

St9) OS165 – 9,890,205

He would hold on to that lead for most of the final table but only just when the final four decided to negotiate a deal. He and two others locked up around $150k apiece whilst “sontilou” in fourth place was happy enough with $119,042.25 as he was the shortest stack at the table by some margin.

The action eventually got down to heads up between “Epakfailer” and “kongolainen” with the latter actually being behind for the first time on the table to the tune of a 2-1 deficit. It didn’t take him long to pull back level though which led to a long and drawn out heads up session which he finally won when he called the all-in of his opponent. He was holding pocket aces and his opponent the A-Q, with the latter not being able to improve sufficiently to deny “kongolainen” the title.

How It Finished

1st) kongolainen – $171,540.28 (d)

2nd) Epakfailer – $150,875.95 (d)

3rd) akport – $148,522.76 (d)

4th) sontilou – $119,042.25 (d)

5th) reikr – $61,491.80

6th) 3aDRoTiShe – $46,493.80

7th) mentalpshyco – $32,245.70

8th) OS165 – $17,997.60

9th) fozzybear13 – $11,623.45