PokerStars Sunday events break off prize pools this week

Pack of Dollars

Although the MicroMillions 6 Series was the highlight of the week and most tournament players made it their priority, the two popular PokerStars Sunday events’ prize pools were exceeded once again. One week after a Romanian won the Sunday Million; a countryman mirrored his performance and emerged victorious in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up.

The player who uses the nickname “SlevinRO” made the final table with the fifth stack, a decent amount, but nothing to shout for. He accumulated most of the chips during the bubble stage and took advantage of a rather lethargic play in the first stages of the final table. The Romanian doubled up twice and caused the elimination of two players, then patiently waited for his opponents to do all the work.

Things turned interesting in the last hour of play, with Erosss82 from Germany being lucky enough to win a runner-runner against Denmark’s Renseriet. What goes around comes around, because when heads-up began, the German lost his entire stack to SlevinRO in similar manner, as his opponent improved to a flush on turn and river.

3361 players entered the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up to boost the prize pool to $672,000, but only 495 finished in the money. These nine players made the final table and won the lion’s share:

1. SlevinRO – $105,536.21
2. Erosss82 – $78,647.40
3. Renseriet – $55,456.50
4. RunLkMercier – $38,651.50
5. FiatEruditio – $28,568.50
6. Timorm1 – $21,846.50
7. davjon – $15,124.50
8. JLDASERRA – $8,402.50
9. Jakkebest – $5,377.60

PokerStars’ flagship event of the week had a total of 7107 participants and a prize pool of $1.4 million, with once again 1080 players cashing in. “vizquel17” was the brightest star and won $213,000, but he fought an uphill battle at the final table. “elpipsi87” from Belgium and Moldavian “Bluf_To_Much” had a total of 33 million chips at the beginning of this round, more than all the other players combined.

The Belgian was the uncontested chip leader with 21 million but he squandered his lead to finish in the fifth place, behind “DeLaBijen” and “olekasper”. The heads-up game was a lopsided affair, with the Israeli having 12 times more chips than his opponent and it was all over in two hands.

Check out these nine players who made the Sunday Million final table this week:

1. vizquel17 – $213,214.40
2. Bluf_To_Much -$156,879.91
3. DeLaBijen – $113,712.00
4. olekasper – $75,334.20
5. elpipsi87 – $58,277.40
6. ki92 – $44,063.40
7. jahwise – $30,560.10
8. El mejor – $17,056.80
9. decamps – $11,015.85