PokerStars Sunday Events – Profitable Easter for players

easter eggs with money

There is no rest for the wicked or poker players and Sundays remain the highlight of the week, regardless of the celebrations scheduled over the weekend. PokerStars players didn’t need too many reasons to get fully involved in both the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million and for a couple of them, the investment paid off big time.

The PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up attracted 3074 players and 450 places were paid, with these successful players collecting a share of the $614,800 prize pool. There were surprisingly few professionals at the start, so it was only natural for the final table to be populated by less famous players. “Veyrassois” and “chrismarlon” brought the biggest stacks, while “1banditpanda” from Romania had the shortest stack.

Many expected him to be among the first causalities of the day, but much to his credit, “1banditpanda” survived with his puny stack. When three players were left, a deal was struck and the Swiss player who had the deepest stack at the moment secured a prize of $74,678. “TGSM89” from the United Kingdom finished third while “1banditpanda” won the heads-up and collected $73,926.

This is what all the finalists got when the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up came to an end.

1. 1banditpanda – $73,926
2. veyrassois – $74,678
3. TGSM89 – $70,880
4. chrismarlon – $35,351
5. globallud – $26,319
6. AceHighTwice – $19,981
7. Indianeren05 – $13,833
8. n3xD – $7,685
9. SwalzB – $4,918

The Sunday Million was once again the main attraction of the week and 7819 found it worthwhile to celebrate Easter at the virtual felt. Only 1170 of them made the money, but with a prize pool of $1,563,800, there was plenty of money to go around. Team PokerStars Pro Henrique “Henrique.P” Pinho was one of the few professionals who participated, but he had to settle for the 561st place and $470.

It is customary for the finalists to cut a deal, but the discussions usually start when just two or three players are left in the game. Maybe they thought it was a smart choice not to let luck decide what happens next, maybe the Easter spirit was overwhelming and they all agreed that sharing is caring. The bottom line is that the remaining 7 players chose to split the pot and this is what each of them got after the deal:

1. pececada – $105,017
2. blue1084 – $143,384
3. p0kermannet1 – $95,632
4. CosmoE10-4 – $102,981
5. superfolde – $78,262
6. Abbe77 – $107,110
7. Whitfield74 – $111,045
8. DixyDix – $17,983
9. okman_321 – $12,119