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PokerStars Sunday Million – AexcaliburA Scoops

shutterstock_93812086We are now a week on from the 7th anniversary of the PokerStars Sunday Million, with us now back to the regular routine, with this weekend’s addition bringing in a total of 8,755 players. Those numbers easily generated a prize pool that was bigger than the offered $1 million guarantee, with the true figure actually reaching $1,751,000.

That meant whoever was to win would be set for a payday of $257,572.10, however, that figure was never met as a very evenly matched final five decided to chop the prize pool giving eventual winner “AexcaliburA” just the third highest payout of $152,322.64 on the day.

PokerStars Pros Out In Force As Usual!

There were a total of seventeen players representing the site on this occasion, with names like Christian De Leon, Mickey Petersen, Angel Guillen, Ivan Demidov, Jake Cody and Nacho Barbero. However, not one of the seventeen even managed to make a cash in the event with Cody being the highest finisher in 1,265th.

The Final Table!

SvZff – 7,963,939

liran2788 – 7,346,595

_bad_cartaro – 9,049,401

SteenD – 9,791,104

j0hnyb0y – 10,082,750

[email protected] -16,998,178

pokerjoe485 – 6,782,345

AexcaliburA – 10,640,159

zrqking – 8,895,529

Once the Sunday million final table was reached, it was already looking a fairly tight affair, with the highest chip count being 16,998,178 and the lowest 6,782,345 with the owners being “[email protected]” and “pokerjoe485” respectively.

Within just two hands though, that final table was reduced to eight players, with the short stack “pokerjoe485” pushing early with the Ac-Qc. He was called by “AescaliburA” with the Ad-Kc who hit a king straight away on the flop to send his opponent home.

After we lost a flurry of players we were down to just the final five, with this being the point at which they began discussions about a possible chop of the prize pool. It took a good quarter of an hour for things to be agreed, with them decided to play just for the last $20k.

“AexcaliburA” didn’t let the small sum remaining stop him as he systematically eliminated each of the remaining players. Eventually he was heads up with “liran2788” who actually had slightly more chips than him at this point with almost 45 million compared to 42.5 million.

The final hand occurred after a short session in which they swapped the chip lead back and forth before “AexcaliburA” managed to hit top pair when the chips went into the middle when he held the Ks-Qs against his opponents Ac-Jh.

How It Finished!

AexcaliburA – $152,322.64

liran2788 – $165,965.31

zrqking – $170,390.22

[email protected] – $139,491.48

_bad_cartaro – $106,549.75

SvZff – $52,530.00

j0hnyb0y – $35,020.00

SteenD – $19,261.00

pokerjoe485 – $13,570.25


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