PokerStars Sunday Million 18.11.2012 – “sexylady409” Scoops Win


With the PokerStars MicroMillions III being staged all throughout last weekend and the weekend, for once the big weekly tournaments took somewhat of a back seat on PokerStars. No matter how popular the MicroMillions is right now though, there is still only one weekly online tournament that all players wish that they can win, that is the PokerStars Sunday Million.

The $200 buy-in event again attracted an attendance of 6,783 which completely busted the $1 million guarantee yet again as the prize pool that was generated was $1,356,600.

That meant that there would be 990 players getting paid, with the bubble being where we are going to pick up report on this event. Once that bubble did burst it meant that each player left in the event would be getting at least $312,01 for their efforts.

PokerStars Team Pros

This event always attracts an influx of PokerStars Team Pros with three of them this week managing to make deep runs. Martin Hruby managed to finish in 530th for a payout of $434.11, Naoya Kihara placed in 442nd and took slightly more with $461.24 and Christophe De Meulder topped them all by finishing 239th which was worth $610.47.

It took a good ten hours before we finally reached the final table with Joe Hahn being the unfortunate bubble boy for that table. He won’t be too displeased though as he took home $7,596.96 for his tenth place finish.

The Final Table:

FellipeNunes – 13,474,341

Jengleleg – 4,125,496

sexylady409 – 18,354,231

luizsanchez4 – 6,753,683

dijana123 – 3,591,472

WushuTM – 4,358,786

PikkuHUMPPA – 2,387,278

Paulkopopo -7 ,243,644

gladius_85 – 7,541,069

Once we got to the final table it was obvious that it would be difficult for the rest of the table to take down “sexylady409” as she had amassed a massive 18 million chips. In the end it proved exactly the case, though she did incur quite a few losses and by the time it was just the final four she was actually sat in fourth place.

It was at this point that the players decided to chop the prize pool, with an agreement finally being made meaning that there was just a remaining $20k to play for.

Sexylady409” quickly doubled up twice to put her firmly in the fight once again and following the eliminations of “WushuTM” and “Paulkopopo” it left just her and “luizsanchez” fighting for the title.

The Final Standings:

sexylady409 – $132,928.76

luizsanchez4 – $155,104.05

Paulkopopo – $125,763.48

WushuTM – $128,305.21

FellipeNunes – $56,977.20

Jengleleg – $43,411.20

gladius_85 – $29,845.20

PikkuHUMPPA – $16,279.20

dijana123 – $10,513.65