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PokerStars Sunday Million – “BrusYvo” Takes It Down

PokerStars Sunday Million – “BrusYvo” Takes It Down

Yesterday was the last day of the PokerStars MicroMillions series, with many players attempting to win the Main Event. However, despite this fact, the weekly Sunday Million still managed to attract 6,865 players with “BrusYvo” being the player to take down the biggest share of the $1,373,000 prize pool.

That figure yet again busted the $1 million prize pool guarantee that PokerStars place on the event, meaning that there were 990 players who were to be paid out to.

PokerStars Team Pros

There was once again a large spluttering of PokerStars Team pros in the mix with names such as Jaoa Nunes, Mickey Petersen, Caio Pessagno and David Williams taking part. In general they all faired pretty well with Pessagno being the highest placed Team Pro in 152nd place.

The Bubble!

By the time the event had been running for about 4 hours, the bubble was burst meaning that all of the players remaining would at least be getting a minimum payout of $315.79. Play loosened up expectedly once the bubble boy was revealed, with the players having reached their first milestone of the event, the next one was to climb the rankings and try to get the highest payout possible.

The Final Table!

By the time the final table was reached there was one standout player. “910suited44” had amassed 19,259,984 chips and was looking like the eventual winner. He had double the amount of chips of his closest rival and many more than everyone else on the table, yet in the end it wasn’t him that came out on top.

He would actually finish as runner up after the final five decided to cut a deal on the prize pool. Despite finishing in second place he did in fact take home more money than the winner due to that deal that was struck. He won $141,084.59 whist the winner “brusYvo” took $136,467.65 along with the title.

Once they were heads up it didn’t take long for the winner to be decided, both had around the same amount of chips and they were not interested in waiting around for much longer. The chips went into the middle with “brusYvo” holding the Kc-8c whilst “910suited44” had the Qd-4s.

“brusYvo” managed to make a flush on the river to take home the bragging rights though, even though his opponent won more cash.

The Final Standings!

brusYvo – $136,467.65

910suited44 – $141,084.59

Belinda20 – $91,480.08

Kam1kazemaus – $123,429.44

gabriel171 – $113,855.04*

dr.greenish – $43,936.00

lacoste44 – $30,206.00

a bull 67 – $16,476.00

Nav84 – $10,640.75



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