PokerStars Sunday Million winner decided after two days


It is not customary for PokerStars Sunday Million to span over consecutive days, but this week’s event was special for several reasons. To start with, it went by the name of PokerStars WCOOP Challenge Event #7, as it was included in the prestigious tour hosted by the poker company in December. A total of 11,644 players bought in, which means that the prize pool exceeded the guaranteed amount of $2 million. 1530 players finished in the money and enjoyed a share of $2,328,800, with several poker professionals being among those who made deep runs.

Nacho Barbero, Isaac Haxton, Eugene Katchalov and Liv Boeree join the 11,000 players who paid $250 to buy in for the PokerStars Sunday Million, but none of them made the final table. It is still a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon and since all of them were eliminated by the time the games resumed the next day, they have plenty of time to prepare for Christmas. Liv Boeree appears to be very active on Twitter in the wake of the tournament:

Lex Veldhuis and Andre Coimbra were also eliminated early on, with the former expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming tournament, a few hours before it started. Caio Pessagno, Matthias De Meulder, Angel Guillen and Maxim Lykov made the money, with the latter being the best placed Red Spade, thanks to his 231st place finish.

roscootje459, aszeta1 and mr.salgado30 dominated the final table from the very beginning, with the three of them having more chips combined than the other six finalists. It came as no surprise that when three handed play began, they were the only ones left and they quickly reached an agreement. “roscootje459” had the deepest stack at the moment and got the lion’s share, further boosting his profits as a result of winning the PokerStars Sunday Million to scoop the bonus $40,000 reserved for the winner.

  1. roscootje459 – $302,291
  2. aszeta1 – $201,777
  3. mr.salgado30 -$215,777
  4. ProWannabe10 -$116,440
  5. KolayRuss – $93,152
  6. Ilkinopoulos – $69,864
  7. RenRad 01 – $46,576
  8. jupitor123 -$23,288
  9. Calcasus – $14,671.44