PokerStars Sunday Roundup

American dollars

Despite the World Series of Poker dominating the live poker scene at the moment the PokerStars Sunday events still managed to exceed the guarantees on their events. The two biggest of those events were the Sunday Warm-Up and Sunday Million, which we have provided the results for below.

PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

The Sunday Warm-Up again attracted a substantial field of players as 2,676 of them stepped up to the plate to challenge for title. From that number there would only be 396 of them that would make the money and of course only one of them that would take down the lion’s share of the $535,200 prize pool.

In the end honour fell to “broddish” as the Slovakian player brushed aside “Cruel Ego” during heads up play. They had both already agreed to chop the prize pool and play for the remaining $10k on offer. His opponent actually had the chip advantage but could not hold onto it for long before “broddish” sealed the deal on the final hand when he hit a full house.

The Final Standings

1st) broddish – $76,163.83 (d)

2nd) Cruel Ego – $71,016.57 (d)

3rd) UH Big Tex – $44,956.80

4th) max15183 – $30,774.00

5th) DONSANTIAGO7 – $23,281.20

6th) Gabikonor003 – $17,929.20

7th) art3933 – $12,577.20

8th) beukie555 – $7,235.90

9th) Leupho – $4,549.20

PokerStars Sunday Million

The Sunday Million is always the one event that the top pros look out for on the weekly online tournament calendar and it showed when 6,164 players registered to deliver a prize pool of $1,232,800. 900 players would get a share of that prize pool and despite coming second “rnb333” took home the largest slice.

The winner of the event was “adkaf” but due to a four way chop of the prize pool he actually took home less with $128,135.53 hitting his PokerStars account. That chop left $20k for the players to battle for and ensured a speedy resolution to the final moments of the event.

adkaf” claimed victory when he rivered a straight to beat out heads up opponent “rnb333” for the title.

The Final Standings

1st) adkaf – $128,135.53 (d)

2nd) rnb333 – $150,153.21 (d)

3rd) faaatzzz – $115,741.37 (d)

4th) -its Problem – $98,600.01 (d)

5th) treidei3 – $51,777.60

6th) glammc – $39,449.60

7th) young_diam18 – $27,121.60

8th) soldier_1912 – $14,793.60

9th) Rod_Lasmar – $9,554.20