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PokerStars Sunday Storm Sees Rafael Nadal Get Involved

shutterstock_125989475The Sunday Storm say 43,000 entrants make their way to the online tournaments virtual felt with tennis star Rafa Nadal grabbing a piece of the action.

Rafa and his close friend Joan Suasi were both on Twitter chatting about their up and coming tournament battle in the Sunday Storm. Rafa tweeted that he has been practicing a lot online and he will go deeper than his friend [Suasi] in the tournament. Rafa also went on to say he will beat him [Suasi]. Suasi replied that Rafa would be better off playing tennis rather than poker.

It seems the tournament not only brings out the poker spirit and banter in the many players from all walks of life who enter, but brings the same excitement out of the millionaire star studded sportsmen that also like to have a crack at some of the best online tournaments on offer today.

According to Twitter, Rafa was sure he would be no push over in this pair up and despite the massive number of entrants, as Twitter started rolling in the Rafa poker updates, it seemed both players were not worried about the 43,000 challengers, but more worried about who would run deepest out of the two.

Rafa got off to a great start and started to build up a nice stack of chips lasting the early hours of the tournament. In the end though he started to loosen up a bit and so did his chip stack. He eventually faded out after what was a good early run and eventually made it into the top 20,000 of the tournament.

His friend Suasi made a much better job of things and made it deep managing to burst through with the bubble and pick up a cash win. Rafa will not be happy about losing as with his determination and winning attitude, second place in this one versus one showdown will not have been something Rafa takes lightly. He’s used to going deep into the tennis tournaments and he is used to winning his one versus one match ups.

For Rafa this should mean business with Suasi is not only beating him, but also making it to the money, adding insult to injury. Maybe this means we will see more of Rafa online. He still looks like he needs more tournament practice to improve his staying power, but with his commitment to sports he has the personality to get there

Rafa will be only too familiar with the fact that to be the best takes dedication and training, and he has plenty of experience at both, with his advantage being that he is well used to long practice sessions playing tennis, so applying his focus and commitment to poker should mean he naturally has what it takes to be the best.



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