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PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up – “MetalHelmet” Takes Title

shutterstock_101203378Sundays are always busy with regards to online poker tournaments, especially over at PokerStars where they hold a whole weekly program. This particular event is the second biggest of that program, with the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up offering a $500k guarantee.

That guarantee was yet again broken as 3,689 players converged on the virtual felt to bring a total prize pool of $737,800.

The player that came out on top of that field this week was the Mexican player “MetalHelmet” with him taking home a cool $99k after a chop between him and the second, third and fourth place finishers when they were the only four remaining on the table.

The Final Table Seats And Chip Counts!

SamyDx – (5,384,469)

stato_1 – (4,723,647)

delaney_kid – (3,164,552)

gosuoposum1 – (3,690,965)

raulbcn – (4,606,252)

MetalHelmet – (3,365,218)

RuiNF – (6,313,677)

isla_86 – (3,441,676)

tunnny – (2,199,544)

It was one of the table short stacks that was first to go, as Benjamin “Delaney_kid” Delaney ran his Ac-4c into the pocket aces of “raulbcn”. He was followed out of the door not that long after by “SamyDx” when he thought his pocket nines would be good enough to steal the blinds, however he was called by the pocket kings of”stato_1” which instantly made a set on the board to send him out of the event in 8th.

“gosuposum1” had now turned into the short stack at the table and picked the wrong time to attempt to pick up some blinds, he was holding the Qs-4d, “tunney” couldn’t believe his luck and called with pocket aces. He hit trips on the river and sent his opponent out in 7th place.

We were soon down to just four remaining after losing “RuinF” after losing a coinflip with pocket deuces and “Tunney” losing with his Ah-9s against the Ac-Jd of “MetalHelmet”.

This was when the chop on the prize pool was made, with “MetalHelmet” taking the largest share of $89k as he was the far and away chip leader. They agreed to play for the remaining $10k which ensured a much faster result at the tables.

In fact just the very next hand after the chop, “raulbcn” was sent home in 4th in a pocket sevens vs pocket eights encounter with “stato_1”, he was holding the poorer hand and didn’t improve. “stato_1” was now steaming and had the chip lead which was to be increased even further as he sent “isla_86” packing in third place whilst holding the Ac-Js against his opponents Th-Jc.

He now had a huge chip advantage of 30 million compared to the 6.5 million of “MetalHelmet”; however he doubled his opponent up twice and then lost in a final hand when holding the Kc-Qd against his opponent’s pocket sevens, the board fell as the 2h-9c-5s-Tc-5d crowning “MetalHelmut” the winner in the process.

How It Finished!

MetalHelmet – $99,000.00

stato_1 – $71,813.34

isla_86 – $63,015.38

raulbcn – $71,621.65

tunnny – $31,356.50

RuiNF – $23,978.50

gosuoposum1 – $16,600.50

SamyDx – $9,222.50

delaney_kid – $5,902.40


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