PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up – “jakoon1985” Scores $110k


The weekly online PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up again provided us with a large field, large pots and a large cash winner. This time the lucky player was Jason “jakoon1985” Koon who won $110k for his first place.

It has certainly been a good year for the player in 2012 as he had already won more than $500k participating in live tournaments. He managed to finish 4th in a high roller event at the PCA for a score of $272k, came second in a heads up event at the WSOP to name just a couple of them.

Then there is his online earnings, having already won the PokerStars Super Tuesday, the Sunday 500 and a SCOOP back in 2009 it seems he is going for the set as he has now won the Sunday Warm-Up. All he needs now is The Sunday Million and he really will have the set.

Guarantee Smashed Again!

In total there were 3,499 players that registered for the event with it creating $200k more than the guarantee of $500k with a grand total of $699,800. That meant that the player to finish first was set to take home $109,869.77, with it obviously depending on whether or not any deals were cut at the final table.

As per usual there were a whole host of PokerStars Team Pros in the mix such as Liv Boeree, Alex Kravchenko, Vanessa Selbst, Voctor Ramdin and Mickey Peterson attempting to take home a good score. However, it was once again Ana Marquez who managed to go the deepest as she finished in 44th place.

The Final Table!

When we finally got down to the final table of nine, the chips were fairly evenly spread apart from three players holding more than 6 million apiece. “jurata_PL”, “hasuzlasu” and “jakoon1985” were certainly looking like the winner would come from them.

Once the action kicked off it took just two hands to see the first elimination, with “Buckguy2200” being the first to go home. He was then quickly followed by “papafast1” when he was eliminated by “Jurata_PL”.

We then lost “pasty71” who had been a short stack in seventh place before “Veritas0086” finished in 6th for a $22,743.50 payout.

We then lost three players in quick succession with “TryToExploit”, “hasuzlasu” and “sneker” falling in 5th, 4th and 3rd respectively to leave us at heads up. Two of the big stacks to enter the final table had indeed ensured that one of them would win the event, with Koon eventually proving to be too strong for his opponent and taking the title.

Final Standings!

Jason “jakoon1985” Koon – $109,869.77

jurata_PL – $81,876.60

sneker – $57,733.50

hasuzlasu – $40,238.50

TryToExploit – $29,741.50

Veritas0086 – $22,743.50

pasty71 – $15,745.50

papafast1 – $8,747.50

buckguy2200 – $5,598.40