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PokerStars Super Tuesday – “pampa27” Wins $93,860

PokerStars Super Tuesday – “pampa27” Wins $93,860

Yesterday we saw another winner of the big weekly online poker tournament the PokerStars Super Tuesday, with the winner this time turning out to be Damian “pampa27” Salas. He negotiated his way through a field that started out with 494 players to eventually beat the final nine players on the final table.

That field again managed to easily see its way past the $300k prizepool guarantee as the actual total fell just short of $500k at $494k. There would be just 63 of the players to share that total, meaning that players would have to play out of their skin to even just get that far.

The event took a good eleven hours to be played until completion before “pampa27” was able to take down his payout of $93,860 for his first place finish. Though it actually only took just over five hours for the field to be whittled down to the 63 that were paid out.

“treezer” Paid Out Again!

Last week’s winner “treezer” was again involved this week and though he didn’t come anywhere near winning the $100k he won last week, he still took down a cash when he finished just inside the pay structure, he took home $2,173.60 which is certainly not a bad return.

It took another three hours before that field of 63 was then reduced down to the final table, with the chip leader at that point being “Olya2Ace” from Russia with 520,859 chips.

Once at the final table it only took quarter of an hour before the first elimination occurred with it being “gigibaston” finishing in 9th place. The pace really picked up after that with us losing players left, right and centre, leaving us eventually with just the final three.

At this point it was “pampa27” who was already looking like the winner as he had a stack of 1.29 million compared to that of “cmontopdeck” who had 723k and “exposabre” with 455k.

Eventually “exposabre” pushed all-in with pocket threes and was called by the Ad-Js of “pampa27” who hit a jack on the turn to send his opponent home in third place. That left us heads up with “pampa27” now holding an even bigger lead.

The final hand saw “cmontopdeck” attempting a bluff when Salas had already hit a hand; though it was only third pair he made the call and sent his opponent home in 2nd.

The Final Standings!

Damián “pampa27″ Salas — $93,860.00

cmontopdeck — $69,160.00

exposabre — $50,635.00

Olya2Ace — $38,532.00

OverTheTop43 — $27,170.00

Leandro “leopeluca” Csome — $20,995.00

Sergio “trujustrus” Cabrera — $16,055.00

faber3 — $11,115.00

gigibaston — $8,200.40


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