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PokerStars Super Tuesday – “1-Ronnyr3” Wins

Yesterday saw the latest installment of the PokerStars Super Tuesday tournament, with it being the biggest so far in 2013. This is due to a field of 502 being attracted to the event which in turn created the year’s biggest prize pool so far of $502,000.

There would only be 63 players in that field who would be successful enough to walk away with a payout, with the winner taking home $95,380.00.

The winner on this occasion was online grinder Ronny Kaiser under his screen name of “1-ronnyr3”, as he came out on top after beating “Vinkyy” heads up to get his hands on that near $100k prize. This took a total of eleven long hours, though for the players that made the final table it was certainly worth it.

The Final Table!

SpaceyFCB – 346,761

MON3Y$HOT – 315,036

GlitchHopper – 204,573

1-ronnyr3 – 368,156

inca7bar – 396,346

Vinkyy – 112,960

brusYvo – 347,632

Monk532 – 167,364

byfon – 251,172

By the time play had reached the final table, it was an extremely close affair with regards to chips with the chip leader at this point being “inca7bar”. The field was incredibly stacked though, so at this point it could have been anyone to go on and win it.

That meant that the play was fairly tight, with the first elimination taking 40 minutes, with “GlitchHopper” being caught out by the pocket kings of “brusYvo”. That was followed quickly by the second, with “Monk532” being sent home by the very same player.

Not wanting to break the trend, “brusYvo” was also responsible for the third elimination as he sent “MON3Y$HOT” home with his pocket queens proving far too strong for his opponents pocket threes. He then amazingly made it four from four as he managed to crack the pocket queens of “SpaceyFCB” and send him home in fifth.

It was now the turn of “1-ronnyr3” to make some moves; he first doubled up through “brusYvo” before eliminating “byfon” to move right to the top of the leader board for the first time. We were now down to three, though it wouldn’t take long before we were down to just two as “brusYvo” was eliminated by the full house of “Vinkyy”.

During heads up, despite starting with less than half the chips of “1-ronnyr3”, “Vinkyy” managed to claw it all back and get back on equal terms. It wasn’t to last though as his opponent started pull a lead out again before dealing the final blow. The final hand saw “1-ronnyr3” get a bit lucky when all the chips went in to the middle with him holding the Ah-Ts and his opponent the Ad-Qd. A ten fell on the flop to hand him the title.

How It Finished!

1-ronnyr3 – $95,380.00

Vinkyy – $70,280.00

brusYvo – $51,455.00

byfon – $39,156.00

SpaceyFCB – $27,610.00

inca7bar – $21,335.00

MON3YSHOT – $16,315.00

Monk532 – $11,295.00

GlitchHopper – $8,333.20


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