PokerStars Super Tuesday – “SFisch4” Claims Title And $83k Payday


The biggest midweek online poker tournament was back again yesterday as the PokerStars Super Tuesday again smashed its $300k guaranteed prize pool as 489 players took to the virtual felt to create a $489k prize pool.

The winner on this occasion was the Canadian player “SFisch4” who banked a score of $83,685 for the near 12 hour event. In total there would be just 63 players to be paid, meaning that the action was fast and frantic early on as players tried to build a healthy stack as early as possible.

This event also attracted its fair share of notable poker names as there were a handful of PokerStars Team Pros involved with Angel Guillen and Andre Akkari lasting the longest and eventually finishing in 39th and 41st respectively. We also saw the widely recognised British pro Chris “Moorman1” Moorman who is easily one of the best online tournament players around, he made the final table before finishing in 8th for a payout of $11k.

The Final Table!

As we reached the final nine, “SFisch4” was basically equal chip leader as he had literally just 1k less than “birs320”.

The first elimination occurred when Andras Nemeth who pushed all in as the short stack holding the Kd-2d, he was called by “ROO221194” and his As-8h. The board was of no help as it rolled out 8c-Ts-9d-Td-3s and he was out in 9th.

Next we saw Chris Moorman follow suit as he too was a short stack by this stage, he had no real option but to push all-in with the Ah-Kd. His opponent “birs320” was sitting on pocket jacks and made the call to see the board fall as 5s-Qh-4s-5d-9h. Moorman was out in 8th, though will be fairly pleased with his performance.

We then lost four players in quick succession as “Mucho Nachos”, “121anonymous”, and “Enrique tech” was sent to the rails. Then just 30 minutes later they were joined by another as “Drewfus81” lost in a coin flip with Ah-Jd against “birs320” pocket sixes.

This left just three players remaining, but not for long as early chip leader “birs320” would be the next to leave. He was eliminated by the eventual runner up “ROO221194” when holding the Ks-Jc against Ad-Kc.

This left us head up with both players having almost identical chips. This prompted them o cut a deal meaning they would take an equal share of the prize pool and battle for a remaining $6k.

This ensured a much quicker heads up session with “SFisch4” eventually winning when he flopped a set of eights against his opponents missed gutshot draw.

The Final Standings:

SFisch4 – $83,685.00

ROO221194 – $77,685.00

birs320 – $50,122.50

Drewfus81 – $38,142.00

enrique tech – $26,895.00

121anonymous – $20,782.50

Mucho_Nachos – $15,892.50

Chris “Moorman1″ Moorman – $11,002.50

András “probirs” Németh – $8,117.40