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PokerStars Super Tuesday – “treezer” Wins $100k

PokerStars Super Tuesday – “treezer” Wins $100k

The PokerStars Super Tuesday has become by far the most popular midweek online poker tournament around, with it again attracting more than 500 players with a field of 526 taking up the opportunity to win some life changing money.

The $300k guarantee was again nearly doubled as that field generated a total of $526k to be shared amongst the 63 best finishers. The winner was “treezer” who took down first place and the lion’s share of that prize pool with a payout of $99,940.

Team PokerStars Pros In Action!

The usual splattering of PokerStars Team Pros were in attendance as there was Jose Barbero, Johnny Lodden, Caio Pessagno and Martin Staszko all looking to win a nice slice of that prize pool. None of those managed to break the top 100 though, with Ana Marquez again being the only one to make that marker. She actually finished in 93rd place.

The Final Table!

It had taken just a little longer than eight hours for the final table to be established with the chip leader at this point being “litochenko8” who had amassed more than double the chips of his closest competitor.

Once there had been a few orbits around the table, we suddenly lost two players within a hand of each other. The first of them was “ChernyAV” seeing his pocket kings cracked by an ace on the river; the second was “franc1978685” who saw his pocket nines cracked by another ace and the very same player “OBVAMENTS” who had eliminated “ChernyAV”.

Seventh place went to “Paris Dedes” with yet another pocket pair being cracked, this time it was the eights with his opponent “Litovchenko8” showing the Ad-Qd and hitting a queen on the flop. “Litovchenko8” then went on to eliminate “boytakas” in 6th place with him showing the previous players how it is done when his pocket nines held up against his opponents Ad-9s.

“OBVAMENTS” good run then suddenly came to an end when his pocket sevens ran into the Ah-Kh of “Litovchenko8”. The latter was the very next player to go when he was this time unable to crack the pocket tens of “ottoman09” and saw his Ad-Js send him home in 4th.

“dejanaceking” finished in third place after the pocket queens of “ottoman09” turned into trips on the flop.

This left us heads up between “ottoman09” and “treezer” who had been having a quiet final table, simply taking small pots when he could. He had some work to do though as he was a 3-1 dog and he certainly did, slowly clawing away at the deficit before finally pushing in front.

The final hand saw “ottoman09” push his chips into the middle with the Jd-6h and “treezer” called with the Ah-Th. The board of Tc-Qc-Qs-3c-7c came out giving “treezer” the deserved win and payout of just under $100k.

The Final Standings:

treezer — ($99,940.00)

ottoman09 — ($73,640.00)

dejanaceking — ($53,915.00)

litovchenko8 — ($41,028.00)

OBVAMENTS — ($28,930.00)

boytakas — ($22,355.00)

Paris Dedes — ($17,095.00)

franc19878685 – ($11,835.00)

ChernyAV – ($8,731.60)


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