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PokerStars Super Tuesday – “bigdogpckt5s” Banks $78k

PokerStars Super Tuesday – “bigdogpckt5s” Banks $78k

With all of the poker action happening at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this week, it could be easy to forget about some of the more common weekly online poker tournaments being held, however as the PokerStars Super Tuesday is one of our favourites we decided to stick with it.

In total there were 485 players that took to their PC’s, laptops, Smartphone’s or whatever other devices that can now be used to play online with, to see if they could muster some kind of big payout from this event.

That field was good enough to yet again beat the guaranteed prize pool of $300k as it actually totaled up to $485k for the $1,000 buy-in event. There would be 54 players lucky enough to get paid a slice of that prize pool, with the eventual winner “bigdogpckt5s” taking the most with $78,514.94 being added to his PokerStars account.

The Final Table!

royace1 – 124,323

MON3Y$HOT – 135,775

MauriceSch – 368,581

LFmagic – 75,954

xmrwhat – 575,179

nailuj90 – 357,157

RandALLin – 389,525

bigdogpckt5s – 218,998

WithoutFishS – 179,508

Once we saw the field get whittled right down to the remaining nine players who would be battling it out on the final table, it was in fact “xmrwhat” who held the chip lead. It wasn’t a huge lead though and the table was all fairly even apart from “LFmagic” being the short stack. He actually did very well though, the Brit finishing in fourth place for a good payout of $38,800.00.

During the first hour of play on the final table we lost three players in total, with “MON3Y$HOT”, “royace1” and the super aggressive “MauriceSch” heading out of the event with some decent scores. It then took quite a while before we saw the next player leave the event as all of the players kept exchanging chips.

We did eventually lose another three, with them falling out of the door in this order. First it was “RandALLin” who lost a coin flip against “bigdogpckt5s”, and then it was ‘WithoutFishS” who also felt the force from the same opponent and finally “LFmagic” couldn’t find an ace when all-in against the pocket tens of “xmrwhat”

That left the final three who decided to chop the prize pool and play for the remaining $6k. That sped the proceedings up and it wasn’t long before “nailuj90” was sent out by “bigdogpckt5s” when both players had a two pair, though the latter’s was the biggest.

That gave “bigdogpckt5s” a 3-1 chip advantage during heads up, which was one of the reasons the session lasted just ten minutes. The chip leader held the 5d-3c and “xmrwhat” the Ad-7s, yet the board of 8c-5s-Th- 3s-3h meant he would finish as runner up on this occasion.

How It Finished!

bigdogpckt5s – $78,514.94

xmrwhat – $68,407.09

nailuj90 – $66,186.97

LFmagic – $38,800.00

WithoutFishS – $27,160.00

RandALLin – $20,612.50

MauriceSch – $15,762.50

royace1 – $10,912.50

MON3Y$HOT – $8,051.00


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