PokerStars Super Tuesday – “Catafract80” Claims Title

Tuesday sign

Last night saw the latest addition of the PokerStars Super Tuesday played out as there were another 613 players that paid out $1,050 to take part in the event. This meant that yet again the $300k prize pool guarantee was smashed as the true figure to be shared among the top 72 players was revealed as $613,000.

This attendance was always expected to be large but with so much action taking place at the site last week with the Turbo Championship Of Online Poker, we really would not have been surprised to see a small drop in registrations. This was not to be the case however and the event kept up the trend of being the most popular midweek online poker tournament around.

The event took almost 10 and a half hours before the winner was revealed and after a four way split on the final table it was “Catafract80” that finished with the title.

He took home $73,472.02 after beating well known online poker pro James “croll103” Carroll during heads up. Carroll still finished with the most money however as he was the chip leader when that four way deal was struck. He went away with a payout of $81,245.17 though he will still have liked to have taken the title along with it.

The final hand saw all of the chips go in on the river of a board that read Jd-Qc-5s-Js-Ad with “Croll103” holding the Ah-Kh and “Catafract80” the Jh-10s, meaning that the title was decided as the latter held a three of a kind.

There were plenty of big names in the field as usual, with the likes of Bryan Piccioli and Stephen Chidwick being among the ones to have managed to cash in the event. Piccioli finished in 17th place and Chidwick in 18th to both take home a decent cash of $4,904 apiece.

How It Finished

1st) Catafract80 — $73,472.02 (d)

2nd) James “croll103″ Carroll — $81,245.17 (d)

3rd) cearapoker26 — $80,341.99 (d)

4th) Angelical20 — $75,425.32 (d)

5th) bolivianSWAG — $33,102.00

6th) guyguy12 — $26,052.50

7th) Anatoly “NL_Profit” Filatov — $19,922.50

8th) KungKroon — $13,792.50

9th) bearsfan775 — $9,378.90

The players will now be waiting for the usual tournament studded weekend over at PokerStars where the Sunday Million and Sunday Warm-Up will be awaiting them. We like to follow all of the big online tournaments at both PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker so make sure you check in with us once in a while to keep up with the action.