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PokerStars Super Tuesday – Chilax And Win $85k

PokerStars Super Tuesday – Chilax And Win $85k

On Tuesday night we saw what could be described as a relaxed win in the PokerStars Super Tuesday as “Chilax Chuck” battled through a field of 546 players and a final table to take down the chopped first place prize of $85,341.85.

Recently this event has been breaking records almost on a weekly basis with regards to the attendance levels; though this week didn’t quite beat the record it did come just player short of equaling it and did still become the third event in a row to break more than 500 players. This created a prize pool of $546,000 to be shared amongst the top 63 players with the winner meant to be taking home $103,740.

The event attracted the usual batch of PokerStars Team Pros including Johnny Lodden, Nacho Barbero, Liv Boeree and Mickey Petersen. It was Barbero and Petersen who enjoyed the most fruitful nights amongst the Team PokerStars Pros, Petersen made it all the way to 15th. Barbero went even better and made the final table before falling in 6th place for a payout of $23,205.00.

The Final Table!

Once the event was whittled down to the final table, the first elimination was almost instant as Chilax had already won the first hand on the table to the tune of 232k before eliminating “Dadowiec” in ninth place after flopping a straight.

The next two eliminations came thick and fast too as the short stacks at the table were forced to make some moves. Mattson threw everything into the middle when he held the Kc-Qd only to find an opponent in “ALIN76poker” holding pocket kings, the board brought him no luck and he was gone in eighth.

Just a few hands on we were down to seven as Barbero and his raise from under the gun was re-raised all-in by “BrightStripe” to a total of 106,197. That wasn’t the end of it too as “Blk Hemi” further increased the pot with an all-in of his own to a total of 557,450. Barbero quickly folded and the flop came down as Kd-Kh-6h which meant that the As-Kc of “Blk Hemi” had smashed the pocket threes of “BrightStripe” knocking him out of the tournament.

We then lost a flurry of players in Nacho Barbero, “danutz78” and “MORTIIIIIIIII” to leave just three players remaining. This was when a deal was reached between the players to chop the numbers on payouts, they would all receive a minimum of $70k with “Blk Hemi” receiving the largest cut of $80k, this left just $6k for the players to fight it out for.

“ALLIN76poker” went out almost immediately after in unlucky circumstances as a four flush board gave Chilax the pot. The heads up session was over fairly quickly too with Chilax hitting a flush there as well to take down the title and secure the first place prize.

How it Finished:

1. Chilax Chuck $85,341.85*

2. Blk Hemi $80,009.07*

3. ALIN76poker $70,794.08*

4. MORTIIIIIIIII $42,588.00

5. danutz79 $30,030.00

6. Nacho Barbero $23,205.00

7. BrightStripe $17,745.00

8. Mattssons $12,285.00

9. Dadowiec $9,063.60

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