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PokerStars Super Tuesday – “punisher03” Comes Out On Top

tuesday signIt is not often that the PokerStars Super Tuesday provides a heads up session that lasts more than 90 minutes or even one that lasts half of that time. However, this particular tournament did supply us with that as both “punisher03” and “FaceStealer” traded blow after blow in a straight out fight across 219 hands before one of them finally came out on top.

The winner was the Mexican “punisher03” when both players pumped everything into the middle on a coin flip. “punisher03” was holding the As-Kh whilst “FaceStealer” held pocket nines and had the slight advantage. That advantage was gone on the flop of a board of 5h-4c-Kd-6c-Qd leaving “punisher03” with all of the chips in the event and a payout of $93,071.50.

The $1,050 buy-in event started with an impressive field of 485 players which in turn created an even more impressive prize pool of $485,000. Amongst those players were a couple of PokerStars Team Pros in Caio Pessagno and the ever popular Nacho Barbero, though both of them had events they will want to forget as they were ousted before the paying positions.

The Final Table Seating And Chips

St 1: hamanof – 159,255

St 2: TryToExploit – 277,204

St 3: punisher03 – 414,952

St 4: kleopl – 167,437

St 5: Matias Gabrenja – 329,099

St 6: j.thaddeus – 58,467

St 7: Andrew Hulme – 330,994

St 8: FaceStealer – 618,584

St 9: Paris Dedes – 69,008

By the time the final table of nine had been established it was already “FaceStealer” and “punisher03” that had control with 618,584 and 414,952 respectively, something that was not about to change.

Both of them completely dominated the final table before having to deal with each other during that intense and thrilling heads up session. What made it even more intense was that there had been no deal on a chop on the final table, meaning that there was around $25k on the line for the player that came out on top.

Well, as we already know it came down to a pretty even coin flip with “punisher03” taking down the title and of course that 93k payout whilst “FaceStealer” had to settle with second place and a payout of $69,112.50

The Final Standings!

1st) punisher03 – $93,071.50

2nd) FaceStealer – $69,112.50

3rd) Matias Gabrenja – $50,925.00

4th) j.thaddeus – $38,800.00

5th) TryToExploit – $27,160.00

6th) Paris Dedes – $20,612.50

7th) Andrew Hulme – $15,762.50

8th) kleopl – $10,912.50

9th) hamanof – $8,051.00

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