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PokerStars Super Tuesday: Top Two Split $200k

shutterstock_44105464637 players came in for the $300k guaranteed Super Tuesday big one with 72 places taking down their portion of what was eventually to be announced as $637,000 up for the taking.

In the previous week the 663 players broke the record for the most entrants to the Super Tuesday, and even though there weren’t as many players battling it out for this one, there was still just as much action with second place taking $108,302.02, which was more than first place’s $100,315.48 after 42ayay from Sweden took most of the cut from a two way deal thrashed out with the eventual winner “MrAndreeew”.

It took just four and a half hours to break down nearly 550 players, leaving the tournament with just eight tables to settle right on the brink of the bubble. Then shortly after this, the prize-pool was being sliced up to those who managed to survive the action after nearly five and a half hours of play.

From the bubble to the final table, the play was slow with four more hours added to the clock before the final nine had all firmly booked their seats. At this point it was “Roberta114” from Finland who had the chip advantage with a stack that had been built up to 612,370. Behind was “42ayay” from Sweden with 551,845 with the remaining players all down on the 300k and 200k mark with some work still to do.

“42ayay” held on to the chips taking some heads along the way and at the time was eyeing up the top prize with a huge chip lead at the heads-up stage.

“K!nG.O.O” crashed out in third after losing the last 200k or so chips to 42ayay leaving “mrAndreeew” short stacked with 769,465 and 42ayay looking like the win was in the bag with 2,415,535, which was a monstrous three times as many chips. Despite the chips lead, this is heads-up poker, so with no guarantees “42ayay” went in to a deal with “mrAndreeew”, and it is lucky he did.

In the first big pot of heads-up play “42ayay” dropped the chip lead even though he was had made a boat, but luckily for “mrAndreeew” he had picked up the better full house on the river. After this, it was all action once again just a few hands later. With “mrAndreeew” now the chip leader, winning the next all-in meant raking in the last of “42ayay’s” chips with Ad-2h versus Js-9d on a flop that read Qc-Tc-Ah-3d-3h.

Super Tuesday Final Table Results

1st mrAndreeew from Sweden – $100,315.48

2nd 42ayay from Sweden – $108,302.02

3rd K!nG.O.O from Germany – $64,974.00

4th Str8$$$Homey from Canada – $49,049.00

5th Ankush “pistons87″ Mandavia from Canada – $34,398.00

6th NutsErryTime Costa Rica – $27,072.50

7th Roberta114 Finland – $20,702.50

8thAnnette “Annette_15″ Obrestad from Norway – $14,332.50

9th Scott “gunning4you” Seiver from Canada – $9,746.10


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