PokerStars Super Tuesday Won By Ariel Celestino

Tuesday sign

The PokerStars Super Tuesday rolled back into the little town known as the internet yesterday and brought with it 609 grinders willing to part ways with $1,050. Those players ensured that the prize pool guarantee was indeed more than doubled yet again with the figure standing at $609,000.

This meant that 72 of them would be going home with some form of profit, though of course the largest slice would be handed to the winner who was on this occasion Ariel “ArielBahia” Celestino. The well known Brazilian pro scored a well deserved $115,101 after coming from behind when against the Costa Rican “NutsErryTime” to win the event.

Now though his tweet is in Brazilian, we think you get the picture regarding his delight:

We are going to take the event on from after the final table was set and as you can see below “ArielBahia” was already firmly in front at this point.

The Final Table Seating And Chip Counts

St 1) Stunnaf00 – 310,456

St 2) NutsErryTime – 279,232

St 3) Ariel “ArielBahia” Celestino – 589,591

St 4) Olorionek – 269,536

St 5) SANP3R – 176,324

St 6) eisenhower1 – 365,954

St 7) Jason “jdtjpoker” Wheeler – 250,466

St 8) a$$ou – 444,961

St 9) KaptianKush – 358,480

Though he was already ahead he still had plenty of work to do as he was not ahead by too much at this point. He didn’t take too long to start bossing the table however after eliminating “eisenhower1” in seventh place when his pocket aces beat his opponents Qd-7s.

He then eliminated “a$$ou” in sixth place before slowing down a little. He seemed to go a bit card dead which allowed “NutsErryTime” to take the chip lead from him and eliminate a couple of players himself.

When heads up was started the chip counts read 1,838,591 and 1,206,409 for “ArielBahia” and “NutsErryTime” respectively. This lead only lasted ten minutes though before a massive hand swung it back in the favour of the Brazilian. He turned a straight to beat out the top pair of his opponent after all of the chips had been sent to the middle.

Just a few hands later it was all over as “ArielBahia” hit a flush on the river when holding the 5c-2c after his opponent had already made a straight on the board of 7s-Tc-9c-4d-3c.

How It Finished

1st) Ariel “ArielBahia” Celestino – $115,101.00

2nd) NutsErryTime – $84,346.50

3rd) KaptianKush – $62,118.00

4th) Stunnaf00 – $46,893.00

5th) Jason “jdtjpoker” Wheeler – $32,886.00

6th) a$$ou – $25,882.50

7th) eisenhower1 – $19,792.50

8th) Olorionek – $13,702.50

9th) SANP3R – $9,317.70