PokerStars Team Pro and DJ Vanessa Rousso (vid)

One of the most respected female poker players out there and also one of the most successful, Vanessa Rousso has been in the spotlight for a while. So far, she showcased her skills on the felt and the numbers speak for themselves, but recently she revealed another set of talents. Apparently, Vanessa has a passion for music, particularly composing and she got the chance to prove her worth on several occasions.

The European Poker Tour is gearing up for EPT London and fans are anxiously waiting to see what happens at the tables. The first stop of the tournament was in Barcelona and the organisers decided to spice things up by providing avid fans with more top quality content. In addition to those 14 hours of intense action that will make television, they will catch a glimpse at what happens behind the scenes, thanks to the Bonus Cut.

This material is scheduled for release on a weekly basis from and the first episode was about how professional poker players prepare for filming critical parts, such as the opening scene. Now it is time for Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso to shine in a seven minute long video that sums up her recent activity in the world of music composition.

For Vanessa, it all began with the sheer pleasure of listening to music and she confessed that it helped her sink into the perfect mood for dealing with the various challenges of online and live poker. Whenever she felt down or the busy schedule got the best of her, Russo played her favourite tunes and soon after she was back on track. After a while, she realised that there is more about music than meets the eye, or the ear in this case and contemplated a career in this very different line of work.

Unlike other people who have a full time job and a passion for music, Vanessa walked the whole nine yards and even took composition classes. She worked closely with a DJ coach and then hired a professional to guide her steps and help her hone what many claim to be a genuine talent. In the short video, Russo also speaks about the emotions overwhelming her the moment she stepped into the DJ booth for the first time at a big party in Vegas, but also about the feeling of achievement when her music was enjoyed by thousands of people.