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PokerStars To Add Another VIP Reward Level Next Year

PokerStars To Add Another VIP Reward Level Next Year

PokerStars has decided that its new year’s resolution will be to revamp their VIP Club, with that including a whole new level, whilst they will also make changes to enable player’s to keep their statuses much easier.

They will be adding a level called the ChromeStar, which will be sitting between both the BronzeStar and SilverStar. It is achievable by any player that manages to accrue 100 VPP’s.

PokerStars has recognised that the current system is a little tough on their players to maintain with regards to keeping their levels. So they aim to reward their loyal players by reducing the levels required to hit and keep their statuses.

The New ChromeStar VIP Status!

The rewards that players will earn at this status level will be everything that the players on the lower BronzeStar level will get, but they will also have a weekly ticket to a new series of $5k VIP tournaments as well as being given unrestricted access to a selection of 100k Freerolls.

Set Your Own Targets – Meet Them And Be Rewarded!

When the New Year kicks in, players will be able to set their own personal goal for the whole year with regards to the amount of VPP’s they want to earn. There are three goals, 100k, 200kk or 300k VPP’s with PokerStars handing out awards during the year to players who are staying on course to hit their goals.

Easier To Maintain Statuses!

Probably the best news for most players will be that the required number of VPP’s for each VIP will be lowered. This is to make it easier on the players, with the SilverStar status to be dropped from 750 VPP’s to 500 VPP’s and the GoldStar down from 3,000 VPP’s to 2,500 VPP’s.

New VPP Hall Of Fame!

Another new addition will be a new hall of fame for any players that get past the 5 million mark in lifetime VPP’s. There will be prizes for any players that manage to hit 10 million, though only one player has ever managed it so far PokerStars Team Pro George Lind.

PokerStars claim that the prize will be uniquely crafted for the particular player that manages to accrue that number of lifetime VPP’s.

It all just goes to show that PokerStars never rest on their laurels, despite them being the number one poker site in the world they are still always looking for ways that they can improve the experience for their players, especially the loyal ones that have been grinding away for a long time on the site.


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