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PokerStars To Host Jonathan Ross Charity Event Today!

PokerStars To Host Jonathan Ross Charity Event Today!

Well would you believe it, one of the biggest names on British television has decided to try and add another feather to his bow by becoming a top notch poker player. After an exchange of tweets with PokerStars Team Pro and good friend Vicky Coren a little while back, a star studded poker event backed by PokerStars is set to kick off this afternoon at a secret London venue.

It all started when Jonathan Ross was ill in bed one morning and wanted something to fill his time whilst recovering. He came up with the idea of signing up to an online poker site but didn’t know which one to go for. He decided to tweet for some advice which caught the attention of his very good friend Vicky Coren, of whom he had not so long ago been at her wedding to comedian David Mitchell.

She tweeted that she was initially offended that he didn’t ask her outright considering what her career was and of course told him that PokerStars was the only poker site he should be signing up to.

He started to play and picked it up quite quickly, he obviously now thinks he can take on the world and decided to hook up with PokerStars to create a charity event which will involve just one table of six players.

He has hand selected five of his opponents already, wit them all being good friends and celebrities in their own right. Let’s take a look at his opponents:

Vicky Coren

The player that roped Ross to PokerStars in the first place, and is a PokerStars Team Pro herself. She has won an EPT title and has cashed in numerous major events meaning she will most likely be the favourite in this event.

John Bishop

A popular British comedian who fills out his gigs wherever he plays, though we are not too sure what his skills at the poker table will be like. Could be a dark horse though. At least he will help to provide the table with some laughs.

Jason Munford

The table could be more about who can tell the worst jokes, with Munford being another successful comedian who regularly makes television appearances in the UK. Again, his poker skills are virtually unknown, yet he could have a few tricks up his sleeve, or perhaps a few hidden cards.

Boris Becker

Another representative of PokerStars, except this time he is part of the Team PokerStars SportStar. Having been with the site for more than five years, he will surely have picked up a few things, with the tennis legend having shown during his time that he can certainly hold his own.

Number Six?

With five players known that leaves just one place remaining. PokerStars have been running satellites during the week for one lucky winner to earn a seat at this star studded charity event. The winner here could potentially have a great chance at walking away from this event as the champion, especially considering there are just two or maybe three other players that have had any kind of poker experience.

Check with us tomorrow when we bring you the full story on what happened at the table.




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