PokerStars To Host The First Open-Face Chinese Poker Event


For the first time ever, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is going to host the Open-Face Chinese Poker tournament during January of 2013. For those that have been following Team PokerStars Pros on Twitter, such as Jason Mercier and Daniel Negreanu, you may have more than likely heard of the new after-hours phenomenon. Because PokerStars has been at the front end of innovation in the world of poker for the last ten years, it was to no surprise when the PCA took the claim for the first-ever Open-Face Chinese tournament. The event is scheduled to take place on January 7th, 2013. As Open-Face Chinese poker is still quite new, there are not many strategies out there yet. No one has completely “solved” the game and this aspect alone makes this variation of poker much more fun compared to other poker variants.

Currently, the PCA is modifying the structure of the tournament and has been negotiating with the European Players Council regarding the event. According to the PokerStars blog, there has been much good feedback given. If you are new to Open-Face Chinese poker, the fundamental rules of the game are listed below:

The objective of Open-Face Chinese poker is to arrange the 13 cards in your hand in order to form three separate poker hands. Two of the hands will consist of 5 cards each. The other hand will consist of the last 3 cards in your hand. The three hands that are made must beat the corresponding poker hands that are developed by your other opponents.

The Open-Face Chinese poker tournament is expected to be quite unique and many of the big-name players that are participating in the Super High Roller event on December 5th this year will be seen at the Open-Face Chinese poker tournament as well. Many poker fans are wondering as to why this tournament is attracting so many well-known players. Many of these players are partaking in the event for the same reasons Jason Mercier is. For those that follow Mercier’s Twitter feed, it is quite clear that this player has become obsessed with Open-Face Chinese poker. At the European Poker Tour Sanremo, Mercier played for a total of 54 hours. For Mercier, Open-Face Chinese poker is a relaxing game as opposed to playing any other game in which a player must decide how much to bet. Simply put, there is much less pressure in the game of Open-Face Chinese poker.





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