PokerStars Top 5 – Aces Crushed

Red Aces and chips

Once more we have returned with another of the popular PokerStars Top 5 Moments videos from the PokerStars YouTube channel. We have providing one of their videos on a weekly basis so far and have witnessed some great moments.

So far we have seen the best moments from the likes of Tony G and PokerStars Team Pros Liv Boeree, Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst, Bertrand Grospellier, Jason Mercier and Nacho Barbero whilst we have also been privileged to see the Top 5 Poker Faces, PCA Sweats and Howlers.

This week however, the Top 5 we have selected from is the European Poker Tour Aces Crushed edition. We have all experienced what this feels like after initially feeling great after picking up the best starting hand in poker, getting your opponent to commit themselves only to see them come out as the unlikely winner.

In fact, many of you will agree that it often feels as though we lose more than we win when holding pocket aces. This however, is probably because we are more likely to remember the bad beats than we do the amount of times we actually do win.

Admittedly though, many of us would not have experienced this during a massive event such as the European Poker Tour Main Event, so the pain would obviously be far greater.

The video sees the likes of Gus Hansen, Richard Toth (twice) and PokerStars Team Pro Theo Jorgensen featuring as the most notable of names in this little selection. There really are some bad beats and you have to feel for the losing players, yet in reality they have probably been on the other end of this luck in the past.

Enjoy the short video and feel the pain or joy for some of your favourite players. We particularly like Gus Hansen hitting quad queens to overcome his opponent holding the rockets. It is just a shame he is not getting that kind of luck at the online high stakes tables right now.

We will return in about a weeks time with yet another installment of the PokerStars Top Moments videos, though there are not too many left now. Make sure to check in regularly to have a look or simply head over to PokerStars YouTube channel to take them all in at once.