PokerStars Top 5 Howlers

Best and Worst directions

It is Sunday once again, which usually means a slow news day for the world of poker, so we have returned once again with another of the ‘Top 5 Moments’ videos found over on the PokerStars channel at YouTube.

PokerStars have been celebrating completing ten seasons on the European Poker Tour and their 100th Main Event final table with a series of videos highlighting the best moments on the tour. Whilst many of the videos that we have shared have been about individual players and good plays, this time the video looks at some of the bad plays and should in fact be called the Top Worst moments from players on the tour.

We have seen the likes of PokerStars Team Pros Daniel Negreanu, Vanessa Selbst, Jason Mercier and Bertrand Grospellier have their best moments on the European Poker Tour shared as well as some blowups from Phil Hellmuth.

The video looks back at some of the worst moves in hands from Season 6 of the European Poker Tour. There are some real shockers in there made by players that would have looked back at them and questioned themselves as to what they must have been thinking.

Well, actually there was one player that did pull out a miracle win from his bad play, though that really does not excuse the decision he made to re-raise all-in with the 8c-3c after previous action from his tight opponent.

The video is just six minutes long but is full of exactly what you should not be doing in the spots that these players found themselves in. Hopefully, once you have finished disbelieving what you have just witnessed, you will store it at the back of your mind so that you do not do the same thing yourself.

The video just goes to show that even in the biggest poker tournaments in the world, mistakes can be made by players that have completely misread their opponents. However, to do it in front of the cameras can ensure that the bad plays haunt them for life, especially for those that have made a deep run in an event.

Join us once again next week as we bring you another of the PokerStars Top 5 Moments from their channel over on YouTube. We promise that the next will involve good plays and moments that display skill.