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UKIPT Cork Main Event Day 1a – Töngi Out In Front

Yesterday saw the first opening flight of Day 1 at the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Cork Main Event get played out, with the field of 143 players being shrunk down to just 58 by the time the dust had settled in the card room.

The field was a little smaller than was first expected in Cork this year on Day 1a, yet with the second flight of opening day’s usually being the busiest, there is still a very good chance of a meeting the expectations placed on this event.

The player that topped the chip counts out of the remaining 58 players was the German player Pascal Töngi, with him bagging up a total of 124,500. He has a fairly healthy lead over his opponents with Karl Thompson being the next player behind him with 99,400.

Töngi who actually qualified on the PokerStars site attained his position at the top after a solid display at the felt. It was two pivotal hands though that allowed him to establish himself right at the top of the leader board. He took down a massive pot when he hit a set and then right near the end of the day he made an easy call on an opponent who pushed all-in with pocket fives, Töngi had pocket kings.

Notables Still Involved For Day 2!

Many of the bigger names will be enrolling on Day 1b, with some PokerStars Team pros such as Jake Cody and Liv Boeree being amongst them. However, there are still some big local names that are still in with a good chance of making a big splash in this event. We have Richard Sinclair, Neil Raine, Gary Clarke, Stephen McGrath and Tom Hall all heading into Day 2.

The second flight of Day 1 will be kicking off at noon today GMT with the action set to again include eight levels lasting an hour each.

The Current Top Ten!

Pascal Töngi – 124,500

Karl Thompson – 99,400

Stephen McGrath – 82,400

Philip Peters – 75,700

David Corduff – 69,300

Conrad Schormann – 67,300

Seth Webber – 65,300

Johan Modschidler – 56,300

Patrick Humphreys – 55,300

Richard Sinclair – 52,600

Be sure to come back and check with us tomorrow to see the report on the second flight of Day 1, with as we already mentioned, the field is expected to be much larger. How can establish an early lead in this tournament and bypass the current chip leader? We will find out a little later today.


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