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UKIPT Cork Main Event Day 2 – Finneran Heads The Field

shutterstock_106781144Day 2 at the PokerStars UKIPT Cork Main Event was completed last night, with the 158 survivors from both of the opening day flights converging together for the first time. They would have to survive yet another eight levels of poker, with only 33 of them being able to make it in today’s Day 3.

It is a local player who is out in front right now, with Thomas Finneran finishing the day with 465,000 chips. He is around 60k ahead of Pawel Keller on 406,000, with those two the only players to have yet broken the 400k barrier.

Julien Thew Is The Unlucky Bubble Boy!


He may have just come off the back of a £40k win within the last week, however yesterday he went home with nothing after finishing in the most feared position of all. He lost the pivotal hand to Richard Sinclair before saying his goodbyes in the last non-paying position. Thew was holding pocket three’s whilst his opponent held the pocket fives, with the board running out as Tc-Kd-9d-4c-Qc.

With regards to the players representing PokerStars, Liv Boeree and Dale Phillip both did enough to make it into Day 3. Boeree in particular will be extremely happy after coming into the day fairly short stacked with just 20k. She managed to build that up to 90k by the end of the day and will be confident of making some moves on Day 3.

The action is set to get back underway at 12pm GMT, with the players charged with attempting to get on the final table for the last day tomorrow.

The Current Top Ten!poker123

Thomas Finneran – 465,000

Pawel Keller – 406,000

Pascal Töngi – 320,500

Alexander Rhys-Davies – 317,000

Kieran Furey – 303,000

Kevin Callebaut – 302,000

John Keown – 240,500

Chris Derrick – 240,000

Deborah Worley-Roberts – 227,000

Nicholas Newport – 210,000

All of the players that are remaining will feel comfort in the fact that they are at least going to be walking from the event with some cash, though they will all be eyeing the final table payouts at the bare minimum now.

The Remaining Payouts!

1st – €60,440

2nd – €40,600

3rd – €24,960

4th – €19,360

5th – €14,780

6th – €10,510

7th – €7,885

8th – €5,910

9th – 10th – €4,270

11th – 12th – €3,615

13th – 14th – €2,960

15th – 16th – €2,299

17th – 24th – €1,970

25th – 32nd – €1,710

33rd – €1,510

Tomorrow we will produce on report on the action later today, so make sure you pop back and see us!


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