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PokerStars UKIPT Edinburgh – Villa-Lobos Secures Title

Yesterday, we witnessed another event come to an end when the UK & Ireland Poker Tour Edinburgh played out its final table of eight players. We had just eight players taking their seats with the guy in the driving seat at this time being Przemyslaw Dajer.

However, the eyes were on the shortest stack coming into the day Nicolau Villa-Lobos as he managed to turn that short stack into the winning stack, taking home a very well deserved £101,000 for his efforts.

The Final Table!

Przemyslaw Dajer – (2,083,000)

Vladislav Donchev – (1,700,000)

Chris Derrick – (1,497,000)

David Vamplew – (1,127,000)

James Sykes – (1,029,000)

Guido Braye – (775,000)

Christian Bergstrom – (517,000)

Nicolau Villa-Lobos – (313,000)

The Brazilian poker pro started his amazing reversal of fortunes on only the second hand of the day, doubling up when he managed to hit quads. That must have been an omen as he then went and on another pot which was this time three handed, meaning he practically trebled up after his pocket queens beat out Vladislav Donchev and his pocket sixes and the Kd-Qd of the ever aggressive Christian Bergstrom. That win not only eliminated Bergstrom but also propelled Villa-Lobos up to second in the standings.

The player who fell in sixth was Jamie Sykes, after he tussled with David Vamplew. Vamplew was holding the As-Kh and he pushed everything into the middle after a betting war, Sykes was more than happy to make the call holding pocket kings, yet he was busted after a cruel ace fell on the river.

One of the early event chip leaders Chris Derrick was the next to hit the rail, falling in fifth to that man Vamplew again. This had us down to half of the final table remaining and Vamplew sitting pretty at the top with more than half of the chips in the tournament.

However he was about to suffer a big fall from grace after first losing a massive pot to Villa-Lobos after his opponent flopped a straight. Once that happened he just kept falling, he doubled up his opponent Dajer and then lost another huge pot to Villa-Lobos which actually sent him home in fourth place.

Villa-Lobos was then responsible although fortunate to send Dajer to the rail in third place after hitting a straight when holding the As-4s against his opponents Ac-Jh.

That left us heads up with Villa-Lobos having almost seven times the chips of Donchev at the start of heads up. The session understandably did not last long with Donchev pushing in at the wrong time as he held the Qh-7h against his opponents Ac-Qc, he couldn’t improve and Villa-Lobos was crowned the champion.

How It Finished!

Nicolau Villa-Lobos – (£101,000)

Vladislav Donchev – (£61,000)

Przemysław Dajer – (£37,400)

David Vamplew – (£27,350)

Chris Derrick – (£21,150)

James Sykes – (£17,000)

Guido Braye – (£12,850)

Christian Bergstrom – (£9,750)


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