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PokerStars UKIPT London Day 1a – Jackson Early Leader

shutterstock_104845310194 players smashed open the doors of the Victoria Casino to get their chips after registering for the £700 + £70 Main Event with a guaranteed prize pool of £250,000 to be sliced up.

This tournament will see three opening flights of Day 1 with the fourth days play being tournament Day 2, the start of the bid for the final table. Right now it is Benjamin Jackson who finished up the Day 1a event top of the chips stacks with 197,000 giving him almost double the 10th place chip stack.

Benjamin started his career back in 2011 with some notable tournament appearances and looks like he could be building himself up a career in poker. He has so far managed to amass tournament earnings of $183,673 in his short time playing live tournaments, which he has mostly been playing in the UK. He has won £20,980 in a £500 No Limit Hold’em event 2011 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour – Leg 6 in Blackpool and before this he won Leg 1 in Coventry.

His biggest win came from the £1000 GUJPT No Limit Hold’em tournament where he came second and dragged with him £72,020 for his solidness. His first venture out of the UK was a bold move for the EPT Main Event in Barcelona in August last year where he cashed for €16,800 after going deep coming 53rd out of 1082 entrees. He has the chip lead and he could quite possibly be one of the contenders for the final table.

It hasn’t been all roses for Jackson and he took a little knock back late on when he pre-flop raised to 2,500 from the cut off. Lindop called out of position and Charlton followed from the big blind. The flop showed 7d-Tc-9d inducing a round of checking to the turn, which came the Th giving possible trips and straight or flush draws on the board.

Lindop put in a huge 75% pot sized bet of 5,300 and Jackson followed with a weak call probably figuring the check meant Lindop was chasing a straight with no ten. The pot had grown to roughly 19,000 chips by the river and Lindop continued to show the strength he showed on the turn firing out a pot sized bet of 18,800 after the river showed the 4h.

Jackson called and was probably relieved he didn’t push all-in when Lindop showed he had flopped the straight from the off with Js-8s in his hand. Jackson played the hand well with a flush draw on the cards plus he had trip tens showing td-6d after calling Lindop’s bet.

A much disciplined play and a large pot lost, but as the rule of poker goes, win as much as you can when you have it and lose as little as you can when you are beat! Jackson seems to have the right chemistry to see this through.

UKIPT Chip Leaders Day 1a

1st Benjamin Jackson 197,700

2nd Philippe Souki 159,800

3rd Mathew Perry 137,900

4th Mark Gardner 136,000

5th Adrian Veghinas 123,600

6th Patrick Simcoe 118,600

7th Timothy Clarke 110,800

8th Scott Shelley 109,300

9thArkadyKielman 102,300

10th Tristan Taylor 101,200


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