Polk vs. Sulsky Part 4 – Polk Pushed Towards $500k Lead

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The 15,000 hand high stakes challenge between Ben “Sauce1234” Sulsky and Doug “WCGRider” Polk raged on last night at the Full Tilt Poker tables, with both attempting to come out on top with as much profit as possible and winning the $100k side bet between each other.

Despite Sulsky managing to close the gap by around $100k on the third session, he this time lost it and more as Polk recorded profits of $190k.

The session lasted around eight hours and saw each player witness 2,748 hands across three separate tables. This now means that we have seen a total of 8,800 hands from the proposed 15,000 that will signal the end of this challenge.

The day started out badly for Sulsky after he lost a big opening pot that set the tone for the rest of the session. That pot was worth $42.7k and was a little fortunate for Polk after he called a pre-flop raise with only the 5x-7x and managed to flop two more 7’s. What made things worse was that Sulsky then made top pair when a king landed on the turn, which obviously led to Polk getting paid off.

In fact Polk was more than $100k in profit before the first hour and a half was completed. Amongst that early stage we witnessed the largest pot of the challenge so far as Polk took home $60.9k after again flopping a set. This time though he had to dodge many outs including that of the flush and a straight for his opponent on the last two cards.

Sulsky did fight back after this and actually got as close as being just $20k behind breaking even in the session. However, the tide turned again and saw Polk again push up to $190k in profit.

This carried on for some time with “Sauce1234” clawing back and then getting punished again. Eventually, Polk was running too well and playing too well for Sulsky to handle and it finished with Polk finishing up with $190k in profit.

Sulsky now has plenty of work to do in this challenge as we are now 60% of the way through and he is now almost $500k behind his opponent. Polk even went to Twitter to establish that he is now the hot favourite to win.