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“Popiedejopie” Wins PokerStars Sunday Million 27/01/2013

Amongst all of yesterdays last events at the PokerStars Turbo Championships Of Online Poker, we had the usual weekly PokerStars Sunday Million being played out, with it again smashing its $1 million prize pool guarantee as 7,686 players converged on the virtual felt to create a true figure of $1,537,200.

Once all the madness had ended there was just one player left standing, with “Popiedejopie” having just earned $191,995.69.

There were 27 PokerStars Team Pros in action, with names such as Jonathan Duhamel, Joe Cada, Lex Veldhius, Nacho Barbero and Christian De Leo amongst them. The best performing of them was Stavros ”IDOLLS” Kalfas as he had an excellent deep run but eventually finished in 40th place.

The Final Table!

nuno200 – 3,463,504

Achilles591 – 1,693,674

VixenKoala – 13,056,791

cedlic784 – 2,119,552

Popiedejopie – 21,419,916

bvladimir – 17,351,237

brikdog24 – 8,637,720

schmier1 – 3,796,568

vander9279 – 5,321,038

As the final table was established, the eventual winner “popiedejopie” was already out in front, with him sitting on a stack of 21,419,916 which had him around four million clear of “bvladimir” on 17,351,237.

The first player on the table to go was “Achilles591” as he had little choice as the short stack to push; he was called by “Brikdog24” who had the better of it with the Ac-Ts against the Kc-Jh of his opponent. “Achilles591” couldn’t improve and was sent to the rail in ninth place.

Less than five minutes after he was knocked out, he was followed out by “cedlic784” who was ousted by the Ac-Kh of “Brikdog24” when holding the Ah-Jd.

In a fast moving final table, we had the third elimination just another three hands later. “Schmier1” decided it was the right time to shove for all of his 2 million chips whilst holding the pocket fives. What might have seen as a bit of a crazy all-in, actually looked sane when “Bvladimir” made the call with just the Ts-3s. The flop was enough to see the former out when it fell as the Kd-Th-2c.

We then lost “Vander9279” and “nuno200” in rapid quick time, with “bvladimir” and “Vixenkoala” being the guys responsible to leave us with just four players left standing.

This is where a deal was struck between the remaining players, with them agreeing to play for the last $20k. This sped up the action no end, and we quickly saw “brikdog24” sent home by “Bvladimir” before he followed him out himself after being eliminated by “popiedejopie”.

This left us heads up between the two players left sitting, with “VixenKoala” having just ten million more chips than his opponent with 44,873,828. This wouldn’t last for long as he was grinded down to about even in chips before he was sent packing by the pocket eights of the winner “popiedejopie”.

How It Finished!

Popiedejopie – $191,995.69

VixenKoala – $127,000.00

bvladimir – $148,385.13

brikdog24 – $125,059.66

nuno200 – $61,488.00

vander9279 – $46,116.00

schmier1 – $30,744.00

cedlic784 – $17,677.80

Achilles59 – $11,913.30


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