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“PostFlopAction” Wins $766k – Becomes New Yearly Leader

shutterstock_51512536Over the past few days we have seen a new yearly leader with regards to profit at the online high stakes tables, with “PostFlopAction” toppling “Isildur1” at the top of the tree for 2013 so far. He managed this after having an excellent couple of days that resulted in profits of a staggering $766.5k.

He also sees himself named as the biggest winner to date at Full Tilt Poker since it was bought and re-launched by PokerStars back in November. He has now established himself a profit of more than two and a half million at the site since then, with most of it coming this year.

Alexander “PostFlopAction” Kostritsyn took all of his winnings during this period in heads up session against just one player, with that player being the unfortunate “patpatpanda”. They were playing over on the $1500/$3000 mixed game tables for around seven hours before “PostFlopAction” literally couldn’t keep his eyes open, despite him obviously wanting to keep this run going for as long as possible.

Other Winners?

It was actually quite a quiet period at the high stakes tables for once, with “PostFlopAction” being the only really significant winner, though there were some others that did record decent profits. “Kagome Kagome” was one, with him banking a decent $214.7k, though that was a very long way off the total of this period’s biggest winner.

His winnings were a result of a good session on the 2-7 Triple Draw tables against the likes of Phil “Polarizing” Ivey and former profit leader Viktor “Isildur1” Blom. The latter actually had another day at the tables that he would hope to forget after dropping $326k, which gives him more than a million in losses in the last few days alone.

The Largest Pots!

The biggest pot that we could find was one between “Vaga_Lion” and “VietRussian” where the latter was hoping to hit his flush draw but missed to give the two pair of his opponent the $157.3k pot. That pot was by far the biggest during this period, with them actually contesting the next largest which was just $65.6k. It went to the same player when nobody actually improved from the community cards and “Vaga_Lion” wins via his pocket kings.

The Largest Profits!

PostFlopAction – (+$766.5k)

Kagome Kagome – (+$214.7k)

Vaga_Lion – (+$103.8k)

Erik1223 – (+$98k)

Hopefully the action will pick up throughout the week, with us able to bring you even more reports of the high octane high stakes action in the days to come.


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