“PostFlopAction” Tops Quiet New Year At The Tables

Pack of Dollars

We were not expecting too much action at the high stakes tables between Christmas and New Year and that was soon proven to be exactly the case. There was one biggish winner though in “PostFlopAction” after he took home profits on New Years Eve of $93.8k.

This profit was taken from “thecorster” across a couple of sessions when both players were initially sat at the $500/$1,000 2-7 Triple Draw tables. The session lasted a good 400 hands spread across three hours and it was initially “thecorster” who held the lead after storming into a $50k lead.

However, the next hour saw “PostFlopAction” claw back a good amount to be just $20k down and he carried on that momentum into the last hour in which had him finish the session as the $43k victor.

That was not it between the pair though as after a three hour break they met up once again for another hour and a half. This time though they only played 200 hands as “thecorster” eventually gave up after going down another $50k in that time. This meant that “PostFlopAction” was up a good $93.8k, putting him right at the top of the profits for this period.

Behind him in second place on the profit lists was “GVOZDIKA55” who only managed to claim around half the profits of “PostFlopAction” but will nonetheless be happy enough with his $46.3k. He won his profits over at PokerStars on the $400/$800 mixed game tables against a number of opponents but in the main it was “Crazy Elior” that took the most damage.

Other than those two there was only one other notable winner over the New Year and that was “dj01dj01” who took down a fairly decent score of $23.3k over at Full Tilt Poker.

The Largest Profits

1st) PostflopAction – (+$93.8k)

2nd) GVOZDIKA55 – (+$46.3k)

3rd) dj01djo1 +$23.3k)

Hopefully the action will now start to pick up the high stakes tables throughout the next week and we will be here to keep you well up to date on it when it does. There is the small matter of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure taking place in the next few days though so it’s not only online poker we are highly anticipating.