Prague turns into a poker hub in December

prague bridge

The Czech capital will be the gracious host for the Prague Poker Festival and once again it is scheduled for December. It is expected to turn the city into a favorite destination for poker enthusiasts, with the first tournaments beginning on December 5 and the last day of poker being December 22. For a full 18 days, poker professionals and amateurs alike will get the chance to compete for real money into a plethora of prominent events.

This is the third edition of the Prague Poker Festival and if past performance is any indicator, hundreds of players will swarm the capital city. The qualifications for some of the tournaments will begin this Autumn and those interested can win luxury four star hotel packages that include the buy-in for the tournament of choice. The city will be decorated for Christmas, providing the ideal backdrop for poker tournaments, so those who travel to the Czech Republic this December will combine poker with fun.

The tournament runs begins on December 5 and the iconic Card Casino will be hosting it, while several major poker companies will be running their own tournaments at this venue. A four-day event with a buy-in of €1,100 will be run by the Ongame network starting on December 10. Those who don’t mind spending three times as much for the prospect of better payouts should focus on the tournament running from December 15 to December 19.

Another fairly expensive tournament is the Eureka Poker Tour Main Event, with a buy-in of €1100 and scheduled for December 8th – 12th. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the tournaments reserved for amateurs, more precisely the APAT European Championship of Amateur Poker which runs for only two days. It starts on December 7 and concludes the very next day and those who decide to buy it will be set back only €110.

It is worth saving some money for this winter, because in addition to these tournaments, Prague will also host the European Poker Tour and the buy-in for the main event is a massive €5300. Compared to the aforementioned tournaments, the EPT is not only more expensive but also lasts much longer, spanning from December 8th to 18th. This is the one that will be attended by most poker professionals and the prizes are expected to count into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.