Pro Battle TV Show to be aired via Full Tilt

Full Tilt Poker

If you are part of the Baltics region, then you are one of the lucky members of the Commonwealth of Independent States that could be singing and dancing all the way to a Pro Battle TV show by Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Poker is back with vengeance, and with the FTOPS and mini FTOPS out of the way one of the world’s largest online poker giants is set to dish out another serving of just what it means to be a Full Tilt Poker player. Right now anyone in the Baltics region could be in for a unique package win worth $3,000 to get onto the live poker scene and pitch their skills against the best of the best on the pro poker circuit.

Lucky winners will get the run of their lifetime as they get to battle in out on the poker felts versus a poker pro on the new TV show by Full Tilt poker. The Full Tilt Pro Battle show will put up a total prize pool of $150,000 with the first place guaranteed to get bragging rights and a $35,000 pay-off. In addition, there is a chance to go heads-up with one of poker’s most notorious cash game wizards, Gus Hansen, in a game that will give the winner a $100,000 prize to net.

Anyone that manages to bust into the TV show via Full Tilt Poker’s exclusive qualifying games will be launched into a qualifier match. Here there will be plenty of grinding versus pro players from the CIS/Baltic regions with the eventual seasons winner getting the ultimate showdown versus Gus Hansen, who will be looking to pull $100,000 in his direction.

In the recent Full Tilt press release announcing the TV competition, the location for the FTP Pro Battle TV show is set to be filmed in Kiev. Plus already some of the top local names from this region have been handpicked from the Team PokerStars Pro batch including Eugene Katchalov, Ivan Demidov, Alexander Kravchenko, and Maksim Lykov.

Any players listed in the Commonwealth of Independent States will be able to participate in the qualifiers as soon as this weekend. There are also plenty of satellites open to win a ticket to one of the direct qualifiers.

Overall there are twelve winners’ spots being touted out there, with 11 of those coming from weekly online qualifiers. Plus there is one spot going for absolutely free for whoever can beat the suck outs and bad beats coming out of the volatile free roll tournament poker plays.

If you want to get in via the money route, expect to pay $100 + $9 for a direct qualifier starting from Sunday 13th October and finishing up on 10th November. There will also be free rolls to win a spot in the qualifiers match that will lead up to the eventual Grand Final playing out on 10th November.