Profitable deals for runner-ups in Sunday Events

US Dollars

When the stakes are high, poker players are inclined to reach an agreement at the final table, especially when the last standing are evenly matched. This weekend, the runner-ups were particularly fortunate to cut a deal in weekly PokerStars tournaments and won a significant amount as a result.

The Sunday Million is the flagship event for a good reason, as 7,989 players bought in and the prize pool came just 2.2k short of hitting $1.6 million. All but 8 of the 1,170 entrants got lost on the way, including poker pros who attend this tournament on a weekly basis. “Epiphany77” from the United Kingdom and Latvia’s “crazyalex696” had over 21 million chips, while “D_DIGGLER99” from Canada came in third, at a great distance.

Much to his credit he worked wonders and grew his 8.8 million chips into a massive stack by the time three handed play began. “Epiphany77” was still the chip leader and he was inspired enough to accept the ICM figures and the corresponding deal. He made the heads-up with twice as many chips as his opponent but everything went downhill from that point onward and lost in less than an hour.

As a result of the deal, he won $201k, 12,000 more than “D_DIGGLER99”, while these seven players split the remaining 400k:

  1. D_DIGGLER99 – $189,044
  2. Epiphany77 – $201,711
  3. schmuggel15 – $144,511
  4. pixigirl123 -$80,529
  5. MorrisB1 – $63,912
  6. crazyalex696 – $47,934
  7. rashevski2 – $31,956
  8. holy h3ll – $18,374
  9. Sergio “trujustrus” Cabrera – $12,382

3,665 participated in last week’s PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up and 540 of them finished in the money to collect a share of the $733 prize pool. It took slightly longer for a deal to be made at the final table, with Michael “Skämmes” Tureniec from Sweden and Mateus#9 from Brazil reaching the heads-up. The latter did a brilliant job at the final table despite starting with the second shortest stack and doubled up several times, while causing three eliminations in the process.

When the deal was made, the two players were evenly matched but Michael “Skämmes” Tureniec won $10k more as a result of winning the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up with a higher flush.

  1. Michael “Skämmes” Tureniec – $106,012
  2. Mateus#9 -$94,829
  3. bdklizm – $60,472
  4. jude187 – $42,147
  5. Rikimarro – $31,152
  6. RerereraiZ – $23,822
  7. Hyggemorfar – $16,492
  8. phasE89 – $9,162
  9. sami stan – $5,864