Pros Reveal Their Favourite Twitter Follows (vid)


Twitter has become a massive social media platform over the years and is great at giving people the ability to follow anyone that interests them. This means it is ideal for those in the poker industry to follow their friends, peers, idols and also share pictures, opinions and information such as tournament results.

In fact, come a big tournament series such as the World Series of Poker, Twitter literally comes alive among poker players. Each sharing their bad beats, hands that they have played, their current stack sizes or to complain about the play of some of their opponents. Just keeping up with it all can be a challenge in itself but a challenge that is certainly worthwhile.

However, have you ever wondered who some of the biggest names on the poker scene like to follow on their Twitter accounts? Well now we can find out as the likes of World Series of Poker Main Event winner Ryan Riess and PokerStars Team Pros Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Victor Ramdin, Liv Boeree and Victoria Coren have revealed who their favourite follows are to

The video called “Who Do You Follow On Twitter?” lets us learn just who some of the top pros in the game today. PokerStars Team Pro Daniel Negreanu was a popular choice for a few of them and that is understandable considering he is straight talking and has strong opinions that he stands behind. He also likes to help other players by providing little strategy tips and even interacts with his fans through little challenges that he creates.

Whilst some select other poker players that they like to follow, others have gone for choices that are not even involved in poker at all. We guess that for some, too much poker all of the time can get a little much, so prefer to follow people away from the game.

Sit back and watch, you might just be surprised by some of the choices on offer.

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